I made two girls cry last Sunday

In the past when I’ve made girls cry, there has usually been slapping, shinkicking and/or profanity involved, all aimed at me. This time there wasn’t. And I felt great about doing it.

A little background. I’m a 5th Degree Black Belt with the American Taekwondo Association. Earlier this month, our school and many others in the ATA took part in the “ATA Kicks Far For NAAR” project as a fundraiser for the National Alliance for Autism Research. The event was co-chaired by Ms. Erin Baker, who owns an ATA school in Oregon and Ms. Diane Myers, who owns a school in Texas.

Erin and her sister Morgan recently lost their younger sister, who was autistic and died from related complications. Their involvement with NAAR and the project came about due to that.

I was trying to find a way to acknowledge their efforts for NAAR (we’ve raised over $50k so far and pledges are still coming in) and came up with the idea of a posthumous Black Belt for their sister, who had joined their school about three weeks before her death. I petitioned ATA and Grandmaster Lee very kindly consented. We made the presentation on Sunday and, needless to say, both Erin and Morgan got very emotional over it.

I don’t often get to do nice things for really nice people, so this was really meaningful to both me and them. The Baker sisters are really sweet and the loss of their sister hit them both hard. I’m glad they got the recognition they deserved and I am happy that I got to play a part in it. First time in my life I’ve been happy to make a girl cry.

Pictures of the award

That was a great thing to do. Props to you, and I hope that it’s great karma.

I’m not Australian, but I find their language to come in handy sometimes.

Good on ya, mate.

Excellent, man. Seriously excellent. snogs and cheers

Clothahump my man, not only are you named after a character in one of my favorite book series, you are one heck of a great guy! That was an awesome thing to do fot yhe sisters. My oldest daughter is autistic, and any time people raise money and awareness for autism, I feel the need for an attaboy! You rock!

That was a great idea, Clothahump, and it sounds like a really cool project.

It would be great if my kendo organization took part in philanthropic projects. I could really go for Beat Cancer with a Stick.

Pretty cool. BTW, I get an “Error: Group Check” from your link (the Netflix ad came through OK, though).

Please pardon the slight hijack, but I am wondering, as a person whose family has a history of Asperger’s/autism, what those complications were?

HOORAY! for Clothahump!

Ya done good, bro.


Kam-sa-ha-mi-da, sa-bu-nim



(bowing while typing)

Oh, I didn’t read anything else, I just want to say that making girls cry is MEAN. I’m one of those people who cries without much incentive so boo too you!

Well, you should read the entire message. I loved doing it and would absolutely jump at the opportunity to do it again. :smiley:

Yeah…you’re da bomb. Congrats!

What a great guy!


My oldest son (5) does taekwondo, and my youngest (3) was diagnosed with autism last fall. So I love ya twice!

As the kids in his taekwondo class say after a great performance- “[clap clap] You rock, dude!”

And you most certainly do.

Very cool thing to do. I aplaude you.

I applaude you too. In fact, I feel sad for being a drunk idiot and just making glib comments. You really are great! I do some volunteer work too and I know what it can take out of you.

You rule!

You should get a prize!

Do we have a prize we can give out?


It’s not about me, although I appreciate the sentiments.

I posted the message because I wanted to acknowledge Erin and Morgan once again. It was hard to do without writing about my involvement, so I tried to make light of my part of it by doing the “I made girls cry” thing.

They are two dynamic young ladies and I think the world of them. I have kinda “adopted” them as the baby sisters I never had, and the way they have handled the loss of their sister and turned it into something so positive and so wonderful should be inspirational for all of us. This is the sort of stuff that we teach in Taekwondo and these two ladies are living examples of positive values and life skills.