I Made Varsity!!!!!!!

I don’t care if that cheerleader video is fake or not but on the game, I just made VARSITY by making the 10 required shots with only 9 tosses.

It seems as though congratulations are in order but I confess I do not understand for what.

Click on the link and play the game and try, try and fail, to beat my score.
and quit looking at my underware you dweeb!

Sorry about that. Now to waste my day at work.

Where the hell is the dumpster? I got all the other ones except for that. I wonder if you can make more then one shot at a time? I got her to bounce off the wall, hit the trampoline and then make a swish, but it didn’t give me a score. Yesterday I made a swich and a score at the same time.

The dumpster is through the window to the right.

Junior, junior varsity?!
the dumpster shot is to the right and out the window.
I made two shots in one but I can’t remember which. It was the bird down and something else.
Looking now. For research reasons ya’ know.

Playing this for a few hours last night I made the shocker and the far basket in one shot. (never repeated it) I’ve made the trampoline and the blimp together. The blimp and the bird down, the blimp and the crowd pleaser.

You broke my retainer.

I made Varsity; but 10 is my best score.

I found the dumpster after I asked.

I got down to 13, I made two two fers. One the blimp and the trampoline, and the shocker and the bird down.

I still think that it might be possible to hit the blimp, the trampoline and a basket.

It is definitely possible to get at least 4 points at once. I did it on my fist try (never made better than an 18 overall though). I got the blimp, the trampoline, the near basket and the swish. I wish I could do it again.

Make that first try.

Friend of mine did it in 8 shots a few days ago. I tremble in awe at his cheer-leader destroying might.

Which reminds me, how do you make the swish? I’ve been trying all sorts of angle combinations on the near basket (-26, 8; -12, 9) and none of them seem to reliably do it. What gives?

i swished my first basket on my second shot and can’t repeat the stupid shot.

please help.

maybe the jv coach was right all those years ago, i should tried wrestling.

by the way, IS that video faked? i’d hate to think that.

High angle, low force is how I did it.

So far, I’m finding that it depends on when you try to make the shot. Sometimes -12, 8.5 works and other times, -17, 8.5 works. Weird.

But I’ve made it in 9 now!

I tried to get some discussion of this game in another thread, but it didn’t work… Anyway I posted this before:

I’ve managed to complete all the challenges in 7 shots, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to do any better. I’ve also completed every challenge but shocker by bouncing her off the ground. Anyone discover any interesing tricks?

How did you do that?! The blimp-trampoline-near combo is the secret to getting the game down to six shots. I was starting to think it was impossible.

Ah, this reminds me of the last flash game I played: miniputt (probably seen before by many of you.) Best score: 21!

(now, to tackle that 4 point shot…)

What were your combos?