I met my first Dalek!

I have been watching Doctor Who off and on - the Christopher Eggleston iteration. So far the episodes have been silly and fun, not exactly deep or anything, but enjoyable to put on while you’re cleaning house or whatever. I often watch for a few moments in the morning during breakfast, too.

This morning, I started the episode “Dalek”. (Please, no spoilers as to the end of it, I haven’t finished it yet.) And all I can say is - wow. What everyone said is so true. It is a completely silly, trite little villain - and somehow implacably terrifying at the same time.

Congratulations! Imagine seeing one for the first time as a 5 year old!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Holy shit. Daleks were the absolute scariest thing in the world to me.

…just be careful Anaamika, you never know who might be reading this thread!!!


And congrats on liking the Doctor and meeting your first Dalek! From where you are at the moment the series really starts finding its feet: if you like what you have seen so far you will love whats coming up!

Emphasize 1st! They’re worse than cockroaches. Never has a species been driven to extinction more often than the Daleks. There is always another one hiding in a closet/fold of space time etc somewhere.

Ooooo…very creepy.

Congrats - love 'em.

The scariest Dalek scene ever.

Come over to our house. we have a Dalek in the garage:


(Pepper Mill had me keep it, rather than completely dismantling it. She wants to pull it out for Halloween)

To me, this is the iconic dalek episode – and it’s not one of the new ones:


Wait until you get to the new series with Matt Smith. :smiley:

If you manage to track down any Old!Who, one of the Doctor’s former companions

beats up a Dalek with a baseball bat because it called her short. Her name is Ace and she’s a pyromaniac and she is very, very awesome.


Hahahah! That’s great :stuck_out_tongue:


[spoiler]Amy Pond is the first companion since Ace that I think might consider doing something similar – although it may be with a cricket bat.

“Pyromaniac”? Is that the right term – Ace isn’t addicted to fire, just explosions IIRC.


I used to think they were called the Darleks, you know, since you Brits don’t pronounce your Rs anyway. :smiley:

Then I got set straight thanks to Jack Harkness and his rhotic American accent. I confessed this to my English friend (who originally introduced me to Doctor Who), and then this silly colonial was laughed at… :frowning:

Oh, that’s just great.
And just what are you going to do when some trick or treater wakes it up?

Now I know what not to get you for Christmas.

Easily defeated Dalek.

What I love about that first new-Who Eccleston/Dalek meeting is how well he and the writers were able to paint such a convincing backstory of the Dalek menace and the palpable fear of their continued survival. You need never have seen an old episode at all, but you come out of that episode knowng their significance.

That’s what my husband thought too. Even now, he’ll say “Darlek” sometimes. Also, this is how he introduced me to the concept of Daleks:

Which of course set me up for a laugh in the Eccleston episode.

Actually, Dalek episodes tend to be some of my least favorite. But still, the way they say, “EXTERMINATE” never gets old.

My favorite Dalek moment:

Genesis of the Daleks