I met my first Dalek!

A lot of which was established simply by how well Eccleston freaks out at the point in the episode where he first realizes that it’s a Dalek.

That’s a trope that they use a lot, you have characters who are already established as premium badasses pretty much wet themselves when they realize that the Daleks are back. :smiley:

I like Doctor Who. I’ve been watching it since the Eccleston restart, and I used to watch it back when I was a toddler (of which I remember nothing). One thing bothers me though.

Even since the restart, it seems like the Doctor super dooper killed the Daleks like, 5 or 6 times. He locked them in a vortex, killed their king, killed their creator, destroyed their human hybrids, etc., etc., etc.

I bitch about how many times the Borg survived getting blowed up by the Federation in Star Trek, so I feel the need to point out how lazy it is to keep “destroying them once and for all,” only for them to still not be gone!

CalMeacham - it seems like your Dalek is either walking the runway in a fashion show, or doing a burlesque strip tease!

But that wouldn’t be the first time a Dalek was involved in something racy. (NSFW!)

It’s not a curling iron, it’s the insides of a paint roller. At least that’s what I used.

Also: Daleks vs. Stairs

It was walking the runway at the Arisia 2009 Costume Competition.
as noted in the link, it was preceded by a big spider, then came out on stage saying “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Then it turned around to reveal the “jersey” with the words “Timely Exterminators.”

I really do like Eccleston, gangly as he is. He’s interesting and funny, and I like his atttitude.

Which of course made all the difference when he was so terrified by the Dalek. (Of course I thought it was pronounced Day-lek, having only seen it in print).

I did not read any of the spoilers, btw - still watching the show, so…

BTW I hear I will finally meet the famous Captain Jack Harkness in this series. I’ve been hearing about him forever, so am looking forward to it.

Jack: What’s a defabricator? (his clothes are now gone) Okay, defabricator, does exactly what it says on the tin. Am I naked in front of millions of viewers?
Alien girls: Absolutely!
Jack: Ladies, your viewing figures just went up.

You’re gonna love Captain Jack.

Or hate him. He’s pretty divisive.

I had the tv on for background noise last night and there was a 2 hour Dr Who with the new guy (2010). It had the Angels, the statues from Blink. All I came away with was an idea of lots of scary staring. I was busy so I can’t speak to what went on, but I’m anxious to sit down and watch it. I loved Blink.



I’m pretty grossed out by his smooching with other guys, actually. :slight_smile:

I know. And it sent chills up my spine when Rose said, “Five million cybermen, no problem. One Doctor, now you’re scared.” I liked Rose, although Eccleston sounded a bit Northern, didn’t he?

Oh come now, lots of planets have a North.

Rose and Martha were cool. I quit watching with the runaway bride. :frowning:

I gave in, and clicked on this, and trust me, that is not going to bother me one bit. Quite the contrary.

Cool. Go for it. :slight_smile:

She got a whole lot better over the course of the season (IMHO), and the end of that season… …manages to provide both some excellent fun with the “Doctor Donna”, and then real wrenching tragedy with her fate because of it.

I saw it off and on, I just don’t like the actress I guess.

:smiley: :smiley:

Check out Torchwood once you’re done with Doctor Who–cheesy but awesome, and Captain Jack gets a lot of action. A lot.

Yeah, I was thinking more of Torchwood.