I must share that I am an idiot!

Well, I definately screwed the pooch on this one. I thought I was good, but as it turns out, I didn’t pay up on my SDMB dues. Sigh, I am no longer a charter member. :frowning: …even though I’ve been around since the begining in some form or another. :smack:

From now on, I will consider your posts about 1/3 as worthy as a ‘Charter Member’ post.

Very well. However, I must insist that you agree not to factor in the ratio of your posts to my posts as a percentage factor. The number would quickly drop from .333 to .002997, thus making my posts a mere fart in the wind.

Although it probly doesn’t mean anything, a physics prof in college introduced me to the dope in September, 2001. So, technically…

I would never call attention to my post count, which is too much an indicator of how much I need to get a life.

we should start a support group, Yesterdog

Welcome, fellow idiot. There’s plenty of room here on the wall for one more. If you’re looking for full time work, there is a limited tenure position open in Texas, couple more years left on that contract before the incumbent returns but it pays the cookie bill.

I did the same thing, forgot to re-up until the day after the deadline. I cried to the right people who promised to give me back my charter status. Tell the truth tho, I never checkd and will probably forget to when this post goes through. So it goes with idioting.

Wait, what is the difference? I’ve been around since 2001, just recently subscribed, so what is a charter member?


Essentially a charter member has the words charter member under their name in the posts. If I remember correctly, they also get subscription rates 1/2 off. So, that being said, over a few years, with inflation, it begins to add up. But, I think the money is going to a good cause. I don’t mind. I’ve always loved the Dope since day 1, when I read a post about black holes.

…and then I wandered over to the Pit. :smiley: