I need a name for my filmmaking page

When I first made my filmmaking page I came up with “filmunderground” – all lower-case. I used a “typewriter” font and put it over a rusty-looking logo that I made with a pic of an Eclair NPR. A few months later I found out that there was another page called FilmUnderground – and they used the same font and a similar (but not the same) background which it looks as if they have stopped using. And they registered the domain.

So I looked up “no-budget films.com”. No hits! I changed the name of my page to no-budget films. I should have bought the domain, but I didn’t. Guess what? Now there’s a no-budget films online!

I need to come up with a new name, but every one I think of is taken! Any suggestions? It should be easy to remember and the domain should be available. It should convey the idea of a “no-budget, independent” film. Any suggestions?

Shoestringfilms ?

Nickle 'N Dime Pictures/Films
SynchHole Pictures
Bag Lunch Films
Drink 'A Water Pictures
My Own Movie Company
RemJet Pictures ( Remjet layers were used in old nitrate based film )
Hungry Films
Shades Of Hades Image Works

My company is called Magic Carpet Films. Good name for a Steadicam Operator, n’est pas? :wink: Good luck, let us know what you come up with.


One question: your Web site mentions that you’re offering yourself as DP. Is it considered proper to call yourself “so&so films?” I think of that as a film-production house – you know – the people who create the movies, not the guy in charge of filming.

Otherwise, I would suggest Guy With The Camera, Inc. As in, “Who’s that nerd on the set?” “We had to let him in. He’s the guy with the camera.”

And http://www.guywiththecamera.com is available.

Interesting suggestions. I kida like “SynchHole”.

pesch: Actually I usually work on my best fiend’s films. There are a couple I want to make on my own though.

Anyone else?