I need a new mouse. Is this a good deal?


Free shipping! Cool! Go for it!

Hold out for a 50% off Groupon, then go for it.

Kind of expensive, but it looks really cool. Probably worth it.

Story of my life - as soon as I buy one they cut the price in half. Sigh.

Do you need a gaming mouse? You can probably get an office mouse for maybe a third of that.

All the reviews are 5-star. I’m sure they’re all from actual purchasers, so you can’t get more reliable than that.

It’s only about $8k per button. Think of it that way!

Mine says $24.99. Prime gets you all the good deals. All I can get is this refurbished one.

A couple of the reviews are hilarious:
“Best budget mouse I have ever had.”
“Cheapest gaming mouse I’ve ever used with my backseat Bently office.” (Although he did spell Bentley incorrectly.)

You won’t get it until march, and that’s with EXPEDITED shipping. If you need a mouse now, you should probably go elsewhere. If you have a Walmart, Target, or something nearby, they might have something that could at least hold you over until this one could get to you if your heart is set on it.

Do you need a state of the art mouse?

If so, why buy one with a cord?

You know that you can buy a cordless mouse for about $10 don’t you?

What do you need a mouse to do that is worth an additional $170?

I would think the only people who should buy this mouse are professional gamers.

Are you a professional gamer?

For anyone just tuning into this thread:

The amazon listing that PSXer pointed to has changed since he first made the post. (At that time there was only one very special mouse left in stock and I guess it sold.) Maybe I shouldn’t speak for PSXer, but I suspect he wasn’t really interested in buying the mouse that appeared in the listing at that time.