I need a new name. I think.

I’m thinking about changing my SDMB screen name. When I look at my screen name, it lacks a certain… luster. Also, I’ve started using capital letters (thanks to you guys’ good influence!!!) so it seems kind of out of place now. The name was kind of randomly chosen - it’s short for grandaddygurl (Grandaddy is one of my favorite bands), which is my Ebay handle. I thought it up on the fly when signing up for the Dope. Now, I’m not sure it’s the right name. I’ve thought of a few ideas:

  1. My real first name
  2. Something about being a pinko commie
  3. A name invoking a favorite author/work of literature
  4. My cat’s name (Levitz), which might leave people thinking I’m a guy, so maybe not
  5. Something numerical

Any suggestions are appreciated. Give me your second choice cool screen name. The ideas I have are rather amorphous, but it’s late and I’m tired. I think changing my lackluster screen name is probably a good idea though.
Thanks in advance, all!

Patty Buchanan?

Well, since you asked for cool secondary names: If I weren’t Aesiron, I would be Deimosan, Dioscurion, or most likely, Kalandian. The first two are Greek mythology inspired (Deimos is the personification of dread and terror and is a son of Ares; the Dioscuri are the Gemini twins) and the second one is tagalog (the language of the Philippines) for … uh, well, I’m not sure exactly but I know it means “friend” or “more than a friend” or something. Maybe a resident Pinoy can tell you for certain.

Either of those three suit you?

Thank you so far!

Aesiron, thanks for your runner-up names! They all sound a little too masculine for me… Of course, I guess being the personification of dread and terror is not necessarily a male role.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with an gender-bending or androgynous screen name. Here’s some more names I thought of, some of which are probably taken…

Kicker of Elves
Tyler Durden
Spaghetti Western
Redheaded Stepchild

I need to go to bed. I will brainstorm more about this when I am coherent. :slight_smile:

Kicker of Elves - available
Gonzo - taken
Tyler Durden - available
Libertina - available
Spaghetti Western - available
Redheaded Stepchild - available

**Deimosan **is too masculine but Tyler Durden isn’t? :dubious:

Since you seem to be a fan of “Fight Club” and female, how about Marla Singer?

Oddly enough, ggurl, whenever I see your username I think “It’s a g-g-girl!” in a Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) voice.

Taking the Fight Club theme and running with it, I came up with Slide!, Spirit Penguin, Acid Kiss, Single-Serving Doper, and Project Mayhem (turn the c into a k for your pinko commie flava :wink: ).

For some reason I’m also thinking of Sergio Leona Helmsley, which I suppose comes from the “Spaghetti Western” idea. It’s kind of long, but I’ve seen longer names here. Too bad it sounds like a bad Wheel of Fortune answer.


It was late and I was tired. Mistakes were made.

Not to mention that I *don’t * want a masculine name, really. During a recent hilarious phone call, a friend of mine suggested that I was Tyler Durden, though. Never mind. You had to be there.

Yeah, I think I want something “female” and maybe even a little “flirty”. **Marla Singer ** is a great suggestion… I was even kinda like that in my twenties, (wardrobe of discarded clothes, chain smoking), minus the support-group-voyeur thing.

Hmmmm. The stuttering thing is taken into consideration, BraheSilver. I always mentally pronounce it “gee-girl”, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. A Shaggy-voiced stutter doesn’t bode well for the impression a screen name makes. I think too much.

And I have too much time on my hands, obviously.

Until you know what image you want to portray, talking about names is waay too early.

To me “ggurl” is pronounced guh-GIRL, and connotes something kinda like Grrlz, ie a tough but feminine gal with some attitude who’s probably between 15 and 25 years old. She’s fun, dresses a bit sexy/skanky/retro (Doc Marten’s and fishnets wouldn’t be out of place), but she’s not really a skank. She can hold her own in an argument or a tequila-swillin’ contest. She’s no mall-queen socialite, but she’s not a lowlife either. Just Gen-X writ a little larger-than-life.

So I suggest you figure out what picture you want to portray, tell us what that is, then we can help you pick out a couple of words to use for a name.

Or just pick something nonsense, like “Spaghetti Western”, and leave it at that. It means essentially nothing and is just about as arbitrary as the nonsense word “KoombaLoombaWhatsis.”

I rather like Redheaded Stepchild. It has a certain flair to it. As does Kicker of Elves, for different reasons.

I was thinking about changing mine to
but I am not sure yet.

Nuke the Daisys

In the FAQ’s , the impression is given that a better reason is needed to change a username than just a whim. Did something change? I have seen at least one other thread saying that they changed their username. Did I miss a meeting?

I don’t mean to give you a hard time ggurl, I am just curious.

Sort of. The FAQ you linked to is stock vB. However, in the ATMB FAQ thread, C K Dexter Haven says:

So, basically, you can certainly change your name once, even on a whim. Changing it again, however, requires hamster sacrifices, gifts of chocolate and acts involving goats that are illegal in 37 states.

Thanks for clearing that up Q.E.D..