I need a semi-reliable source that says that certain Facebook reminders are automatically generated.

And I need it really soon. Can the Dope help me out? For instance, sometimes when a person sends a friend request to another user, and the user does nothing - doesn’t hit “ignore,” doesn’t accept – Facebook sends a reminder email. I believe the reminders are automatically generated, but I would like a source that says that (even if it’s someone answering a question on some answers page). I don’t know if you can set your Account, Privacy, or Application settings to “Automatically remind friends of pending friend requests after 30 days or something” – I didn’t see that. I also don’t know if you can decide to send the reminder at any time, rather than it being automatically generated. The main thing I need to know, if it is true of course, is that Facebook, in some cases, does send these reminders automatically. I am a fb user and have looked around on Facebook but haven’t found the above answers specifically. Does anybody have any somewhat reliable source that answers these questions? Thanks ever so much in advance.

Not that I know of. In my notifications, I keep being reminded of stuff from Family Tree and apps of that sort, but that’s not from Facebook central.

OK absent any other authority, Has this happened to anyone? You sent a friend request, it was neither “accepted” nor “ignored,” and Facebook sent a reminder to the recipient without you asking Facebook to do so? It is possible you would know this only if the recipient told you, “Hey I got a reminder about your friend request, stop sending me reminders,” and you said, “I didn’t, Facebook must do them automatically.”

I don’t add everyone that asks to be my “friend” and I’ve never gotten a reminder that I can recall.

Hmm, same here. So now that makes me wonder if the reminders are not sent automatically but are rather initiated by the user. On the other hand, I always hit “Ignore” – I don’t literally ignore the request by doing absolutely nothing. Do you always hit ignore?

two dopers befriend eachother this would be simple to test