I need a soundtrack for my car

Autophilia (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Car) - The Bluetones

For cruising around in a convertible in California, I’d go with the soundtrack from Get Shorty. To geek out, I’d try to record the introduction to the video game Pole Position….some theme music followed by “Prepare to Qualify.” That would be pretty sweet to play when you’re waiting for a light to turn green.

I’ve been beaten to “Get A Bloomin’ Move On”, but the whole soundtrack to that film would work. Just be careful while driving during “On Days Like These”, don’t want to end up like in the film.

The opening theme to Bullitt is perfect, as suggested already.

“Making Time” by Creation.

“Autumn Leaves” by Miles Davis from the Somethin’ Else album.

The entire Tide album by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Get a hold of the soundtrack to Out of Sight. The instrumental stuff done for the movie by David Holmes is just too cool for school. Perfect for driving around with the sun on your face.

One more that’s good for very late night or very early morning drives…
Screenwriter’s Blues - Soul Coughing

If I were at home, I could aim you at a few other Art of Noise tracks that would do well for you.

How about Kraftwerk’s Autobahn?

How about, in decreasing order of appropriateness:
from In No Sense? Nonsense!
Galleons of Stone
A Day at the Races
Fin du Temps/How Rapid?
Roller 1
One Earth

from In Visible Silence
Peter Gunn

from Daft
Close (to the Edit)

from The Seduction of Claude Debussy
The Holy Egoism of Genius (starts slow, but picks up)

OK, back at home and looking at the collection. iTunes says I’ve got 14 days of music, so this is just a tiptoe through the tulips.

Continuing on with Art of Noise…
James Bond Theme from their Below the Waste album
From The Best of The Art of Noise - *Dragnet '88 * and Peter Gunn Theme (The Twang Mix) Give a listen also to Legacy on this album - it’s a remix of Legs.

Dragnet, James Bond and Peter Gunn are energetic tunes with (dare I say it?) drive. Legacy is a good bit more laid back, and feels like it’d match up with driving on a curvy road. Just curvy, and not punching through hairpins.

126 AoN tracks in my collection…I need to get another hobby! :smiley:

Some random sightings as I scroll through the rest of my music…

Blue Savannah by Erasure for a nice sunny lazy cruise through farmland. Joe Satriani’s Rubina’s Blue Sky Happiness is another nice “happy” tune that’s got some “drive” behind it.

How about some good ol’ guitar jams?
S.R.V. from Eric Johnson’s Venus Isle.
Lone Star on Stuart Hamm’s The Urge.
Summer Song by Joe Satriani - just watch your speed with this one!

Suicide Blonde by INXS (On their X album)

Hopefully, you won’t need this one: Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car, from U2’s Zooropa. :eek:

Got car problems? Satan Is My Motor by Cake.

A lot of Alan Parsons’ instrumentals, perhaps. They’re conveniently bundled up on The Instrumental Works.

How could we pass this up? Prince’s Little Red Corvette Heck, I could just jam with most of his stuff and call it a day.

Another “dare I say it?” vote goes to the Villiage People’s Go West, assuming you’re headed in that direction.

Driving Aloud (radio storm) by Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians.

Santana’s Supernatural album has served me well on a hot summer night’s drive.

If you tire of the MGB, try out The Key To Her Ferrari by Thomas Dolby.

And finally, you’re done driving, the car is dirty, so it’s time to head over to Rose Royce’s Car Wash

Hm. I haven’t heard a lot (most) of the songs suggested. Is there a place to hear them before I shell out the bucks for 20 or 30 CDs?

Oh, man, Johnny, that’s gonna be so cool when you get the music and the car together!


Sometimes Amazon has snippets of songs that you can listen to. It’s not going to be much, like maybe 10 seconds or so, but you could get a feel for whether or not it’s your style.

Amazon.com offers ten-second samples for a lot of their music selections, but some of the more obscure titles named here will probably not be included. Alternatively, you can go to a Barnes & Noble, where they have listening stations in their music department that let you hear pieces of damn near everything they have on disc. Make a list from this thread, then go to B&N and stand there for an hour and check “yea” or “nay” as you work through the suggestions.

You can also check out some song snippets at All Music Guide… which is really good resource, regardless.

iTunes, man. iTunes.

A few off the top of my head:

Dick Dale & the Del-Tones. Dick Dale was, is, and always will reign as the King of the Surf Guitar – the emblematic musical style of Southern California in the mid-60’s. Pick up a compilation.

The On Her Majesty’s Secret Service soundtrack. Kick-ass music (nothing like those “Barry Bonds”!) and quite appropriate overall, although the choice car in that one was a '68 (I think) Mustang.

The Cars: their best-of compilation is terrific, and great music for the road.

The Propellerheads: with tracks like “History Repeating” and “Take California” (not to mention “Velvet Pants”), you can’t go wrong.

And more on the whole electronica/spy music thing: yes, the Art of Noise take on “Peter Gunn” is a lot of fun. But there’s also the so-so (IMHO) Bond updates by David Arnold (including his annoying cover of the “OHMSS” theme on the Propellerheads LP, which also includes a Props track called “Spybreak”) and other efforts. I have a not-bad* electronica comp (on the Hypnotic label) of various spy-related themes (Dance Music for Secret Agents) – with takes on Schifrin, Mancini, Jan Hammer, and others, as well as the Monty Norman/John Barry stuff, but I bet there’s tons recordings like this out there.
*Hard to say how good this one is. Honestly, I never listen to it; electronic updates on the classic spy themes have only reinforced my '60’s-spy-theme conservatism. Give me the originals, baby!

I’d use towerrecords.com instead.

Johnny seems to prefer instrumentals, in which case I’d recommend “Brontosaurus Stomp” by The Piltdown Men, “Forty Miles of Bad Road” by Duane Eddy, and pretty much anything by The Ventures.

Just thought of something… I have a really good ska compilation CD around here somewhere. Coffee by 7 Minds (or something – they changed their name) is a great one.

“Hey Pretty” by Poe
“Crawling from the Wreckage” by Graham Parker
“Behind the Wheel” Depeche" Mode

Keep your eyes on the road – and turn down the Wagner

Oh… and how could I forget this one!