I need bookmarks! (site recommendations)

I have just built a new computer to overcome the failure of the hard drive in my previous computer. For the most part I didn’t lose anything too important but I did lose 2 years worth of bookmarked sites.

I am looking for sites to build up a new stash as it were. The things that I am looking for would fall into the categories of reference, food and cooking, humour and general interest.

Please share your best, most favourite and most useful sites with me.


Food and cooking:
http://www.chowhound.com – Regional restaurant reviews, cooking tips, recipes, and more.
http://www.foodtv.com – Food Network’s database of recipes, TV schedule, celebrity chef and TV personality bios.
http://www.epicurious.com – More good recipes.
http://www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/spec.html – James Lileks’ hilarious Gallery of Regrettable Food.

I’m a reference librarian, so here are some of my most-used reference links:
http://www.loc.gov/rr/askalib/virtualref.html – Virtual Reference Shelf from the Library of Congress.
http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~pbeile/reference.htm – Useful reference links collected by one of my current MLS professors.
http://www.webmd.com – a perfect first stop for researching any health or medical issues.
http://www.findlaw.com – a similar good first stop for legal questions.
http://www.imdb.com – good for identifying movies, TV shows, cast and crew of same.
http://www.allmusic.com – a similar resource, but for music.
http://www.amazon.com – if they don’t have it, it will be really hard to find. Good reviews, song samples, and so much more.
http://www.ebay.com – another great source for finding and buying just about anything.
http://www.wikipedia.com – it does have its place, if you’re starting to research a topic and know little or nothing about it. Don’t rely on it too much, beyond using it as a launch-pad to find better sources.

You might want to take a look at http://del.icio.us/ to use as a general repository for your bookmarks. It’s a website to organize your bookmarks and find out similar websites that might be interesting to you.

Thus, when on a different computer, you can still pull up your bookmarks.

Sheez. Do I have to be the first to point out the most important link of all?






Translations: http://world.altavista.com

Currency conversion: http://www.xe.com

Reference: http://education.yahoo.com/reference

Alternate news: http://www.freerepublic.com/home.htm

Restoration car parts: http://parts123.com/vendor.htm

Reference :

Snopes ( or is that general interest ? )

General :

Darwin Awards

Humor :

The Onion
Evil Overlord List and others.
The Unitarian Jihad and the Unitarian Jihad name generator.
Cthulhu Chick Tract
The Shining Recut
The Laws of Anime

This is great stuff. Thanks.

Of course any more suggestions are always welcome.

I don’t know if you follow fashion at all, but my husband seems to like this site, too - Go Fug Yourself. It has lots of hot women in skimpy clothing, anyway. And their Brittany Spears letters are worth the price of admission all on their own.

I think everyone should have Superdickery bookmarked, too.

If you like cats, there’s a billion of them at this site, quite a few of them with hilarious captions.

Then of course there’s the Dave Cullen site for all things “Brokeback Mountain.”


Actually, within the SDMB, at the top of General Questions, is a stickied thread on the topic of On General Questions - reference sites.

Now, I would recommend clicking on any link that looks valuable, to verify it. Since we cannot edit the posts to keep the links up to date, it is possible that the threads now contain dead links. However, as a general tool for finding reference sites, it is a superb intro.

A wonderful comic - xkcd

it’s my only bookmark right now.

Brendon Small