I need help knowing the title of a movie!

Back in the day I stayed home sick from grade school. I was watching TV and came across this weird show. You know how you always seem to find the craziest stuff on tv when you are home sick?

Anyways, a part in the movie (the only part I can remember the most) really got to me:

These dudes are all sitting around a table and I believe they’re outside and they’re passing a paperbag with a big target drawn on it around the table and they hand it to this dude because this other guy wants him dead (something to do with batteries I think? maybe not). They make him put the bag on his head and they restrain him against a wall. The dude that wanted him dead pulls out a huge bow and arrow and shoots him right in the face.

That really bothered me, because that would suck to die like that, cuz he couldn’t see. But years later, I want to watch the movie again, but I can’t remember anything else about it. Someone please help!

Hmm. Cherry 2000? It’s about a guy with a data chip seeking a new sex robot to put it in. His search takes him to a post-apocalyptic wasteland type place with Mad Max-ish characters, one of whom I think meets a fate like you described. Could be wrong though.

That’s pretty vague, but if you can try to think of anything else there is a search engine on http://www.imdb.com/

Try entering Gr8Kat’s suggestion.

This might be another movie I’m thinking of but is there a part in Cherry 2000 where they’re in an airplane at the end and somebody stops to get a pop out of the vending machine real quick? I also a remember a scene with a huge warehouse of like bodys (or maybe robots) in bags all over.

Maybe… I think he escapes by air plane, but I’m not sure about the pop.

Yes, definitely. That’s where he finds the new Cherry 2000 robot to put the data chip in. But in the end he leaves it behind and flees with Melanie Griffith.

Can’t believe you just blew the ending for the rest of us!:wink:

Tim Thomerson(DollMan, Trancers) is the head of gang. He discovers that the visitor to his territory is a trader. The evidence is a large amount of dry cell batteries concealed beneath the seat in the man’s truck. Tim hands the trader a brown paper bag with a traget on it. The trader first tries to put it on sideways and has to be helped. Once he has it on, Tim pulls a crossbow and shoots a bullseye.



Is that better?


The title sounds like a porno. :smiley:

Yay! I answered a question! I helped someone! Yay!!!

Lola, Cherry 2000 is supposed to be a sex-bot, but it is pretty PG sex, IIRC.

Thanks a lot for the help folks. The title of that movie has been bothering me for years. How else would I have been able to figure that out? This message board kicks ass.