I need steak/meat of the month club suggestion

Looking for a gift for a favored client that will go on for 6 months in a “food of the month” format. Any suggestions? High quality is paramount,

The Zingerman’s 6-month Bacon Clubis $180. Bonus: first month includes bacon chocolate!

1 — Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon
2 — Ronny & Beth Drennan’s Kentucky Hickory Smoked Bacon
3 — Balinese Long Pepper Bacon
4 — Sam Edward’s Virginia Bacon
5 — Allan Benton’s Bacon from Tennessee
6 — Arkansas Peppered Bacon

I like this company. Eveything I’ve had from them is first rate.

I know the OP says steak/meat, but my mind translates this to chocolate.


Kobe beef,Scots beef,Parma ham,doesn’t get much better then that.