I never thought I'd enjoy getting a flower

I just finished participating in a community theatre production of 12 Angry Men. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and I got to know a bunch of great guys, with whom I hope to keep in touch, and do more theatre again. Our show was set in the 1950s, which made things particularly difficult for me, as I have long hair, always neatly tied back in a ponytail. That wouldn’t work for the 1950s, other than to cut the tail. What to do if I wanted to keep it?

Our hairdresser had a solution. First she cornrowed my tail into fine and thin cornrows, then wrapped them into and around my other hair. She used so many bobby pins that if I had walked through an airport metal detector absolutely naked, I would have set it off.

Since I had to work each day, and needed to look “normal,” this had to be done every night of our performance, and had to be undone every night (we came to call it “getting Spoons out of his hair”). Every night, thirty minutes in the hairdresser’s chair before the show, and thirty minutes in the same chair after the show.

On our last night, I contributed towards flowers for our hairdresser (and director, and stage manager, and makeup lady), and I was glad to, especially for the hairdresser. But the hairdresser surprised me when she took one flower from the bouquet, and presented it to me. “You gave me a challenge, and I experimented, I’ll admit. I tried various things, but you cooperated, and I obviously made it work. Thank you for being so patient.”

I hope the hairdresser enjoyed the flowers that we all contributed towards. But for now, I have a bright, cheerful flower from her. It greets me when I walk into my living room. I never thought I’d enjoy getting a flower, (heck, I never thought that anybody would ever give me a flower) but I have, and this flower makes me smile every time I see it.

That is so sweet. How was the performance in total? Was it fun? Which character were you? Lots of questions, I know. I am interested.

The performance was a blast. We had great fun doing it. Though I will say, that with an all-male cast in off-times, the discussion devolved into talks about sports, cars, women, and fart jokes. Not always what our female director wanted to hear, but she was a good sport, and dealt.

I played Juror Number 2. The John Fiedler character in the movie. I needed to look mousy and meek and agreeable, until I started cleaning my glasses, and got asked questions about how I could see by Number 8. Thankfully, my own personal glasses were fine for our production, so I wore them.

Very sweet.

But could you have worn a wig?


We tried a wig. It didn’t work very well–I ended up looking like a cross between Justin Bieber and Donald Trump. It was obviously a wig, no matter what the hairdresser tried to do with it, and looked ridiculous. It was also hot as blazes.

Perhaps if we had a Hollywood or Broadway budget, we might have been able to custom-create a wig that would have looked natural, but we didn’t. Also, since my back was to the audience for only a very short time, it made sense to go with the “cornrow and weave and bobby pin in the back” method. The hairdresser did it so well that my friends in the audience wondered what happened to my tail; I’m sure people who didn’t know me had no clue that I ever had a tail.

So, tell us how long is your ponytail?

About nine or ten inches long.


Huh? Why would you say “Ooooh?”

I like pony tails. What can I say?

(I am just teasing you)

I didn’t mean ‘Eww’ (bad). I meant ‘Oooh’ (good). Sorry.

Very cool story!

The community theater group that my church sponsors put on that play a couple of years ago; several of my friends were in it, and they had a great time. (I went to see it twice!)