I pit contentless threads!!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many have been appearing today! I break wind in their general direction!

Aha! Cured it, I did! Damn, I’m good.

Hey! I can see yours!

Huh. How ironic.

What a relief. For a few minutes I was afraid we’d all have to resort to communicating through thread titles.

:cool: Hey, this thread has content! WOOOOT! I can even reply to it! :smiley:

Qadgop the Mercotan, Miracle Doctor, he healed the Dope with a good harsh pitting.


Um. Have we spoke too soon?

ETA: That’s weird. I was in the “Safeway Checker” thread and it suddenly became empty…


I wonder if the board’s been hacked - did anyone notice that the only thing showing up in these “empty” threads is the Google ad about The Second Coming?

Makes me wonder.

When I say this glitch today, I almost platzed. I’m not even Jewish so you know I must be pretty upset.

Thanks QtM!

I didn’t realize that it was a glitch until I opened this thread; I checked out Resolved: An Acceptable Solution to the War! in Great Debates, saw that there was nothing there and thought that was the proposed solution. :smack:

My empty post is my cite.

Typical Mod, always has to have the last word.

So why are some threads affected and not others? And why did SkipMagic post an empty post?

last word? I don’t see any words at all.

And by tomorrow, when this is all fixed, people are gonna wonder what in the heck I’m talking about.

It happened. Really.

Whoosh ! He did post; it’s just white on white. Just drag a box over it to see the words, like you were going to copy-and-paste.

:smiley: Thanks. Unfortunately, I still don’t get it. But oh well.

Don’t you guys get in trouble for abandoning your posts?

We do. We get hanged. It’s not a lot of pun.