I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree

Aaw, thread closed before I could respond to the new set of lies about what I said in that schooling thread - although I see DemonTree, of all people, corrected them. Wonders never cease.

Zoster was the first person I ever put on ignore.

Yeah, GIGO is a far better writer in English than many posters we’ve had here.

I resentble that remark!

It looks like everyone’s favourite Little Transphobe Who Could is slipping up again

She got her own separate thread this time.

If I’m not mistaken, DemonTree has identified as a female from the UK. I’ve never known a woman to be so seriously transphobic or as obsessed with the topic. Perhaps I’ve just led a sheltered life. But I get a real male vibe from its postings. I can’t help wondering if it isn’t really a conservative male disguised as a woman. Anyone else get that impression?

Unfortunately, TERFs are more common in the UK. And the way she reacts suggests that she finds trans women threatening to women, so it fits.

What is a bit odd is how conservative she is, though.

You’ve been sheltered. Some of the most virulent transphobes out there are women.

Did you sleep through Brexit? The UK is not some garden of enlightenment compared to the USA. It’s just as riddled with backwards assholes.

Worse, really, because they’re assholes without any real guilt - they don’t see their Empire as the truly evil thing it was, the way a lot (not all, yes, I know…) of US conservatives at least try and distance themselves from slavery and Native oppression.

Really? That’s both interesting and disappointing. I admit that none of my circle of contacts show much in the way of transphobia or anti-gay sentiment. If they did they wouldn’t be in my circle anymore. I guess I tend to tune out transphobic news as being just more conservative bull. But I honestly hadn’t noticed much transphobia from women. Ignorance fought…

I meant that it’s weird that she seems to push TERF-specific transphobia. So you’d think she’d be a feminist. But yet she’s way more conservative than any feminist I know of. She largely doesn’t seem to get that bigotry of any kind is actually wrong.

Nah, I actually think that she is JK Rowling in “disguise”

It’s a high profile phenomenon among some cis feminists who feel that the struggle against male oppression is somehow undermined by trans women. It can range from people who feel trans rights somehow detract focus from women’s rights; to more aggressive and paranoid flavors in which they claim trans women make cis women unsafe. It’s a strange situation where right wing bigotry and left wing bigotry have looped around and joined up.


Don’t get me wrong, as a demographic, women are slightly better on trans rights than men. But TERFs are a real thing.

Thanks. Again, ignorance fought. The irony…

For a radical feminist I can see how a person may feel that they’ve spent their whole life fighting for the rights of women against men who are the oppressors, and now there are men pretending to be women, completely coopting a woman’s identity and struggle. Not only are women subservient to men, they don’t even get the exclusive right to be women anymore.

Personally, I have friends who are trans women and I can’t even imagine what they struggle through.

It’s like the minimum wage worker who struggles to put food on the table and gripes because a homeless person can get a free meal at a soup kitchen.

I’m related to one.

So you could say they’ve found common …

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…the biggest anti-transgender movement here in NZ is called “Speak up for Women”, it labels itself explicitly as a feminist organization and all of their spokespeople (as far as I’m aware) are women. There are obviously plenty of anti-transgender men. But those men often use groups like Speak Up as a shield. Hence almost all of the anti-transgender stuff that we have down here if fronted by women. It is also used as a tactic to shout down cis male allies of transgender people: “of course you would say that, you are just protecting other men!”

You can also look to places like mumsn$t, (masked to prevent accidentally summoning them) where a lot of this stuff is just rampant.