I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree

Last year, a woman in my social orbit suddenly went full TERF out of nowhere. She ended up alienating pretty much everyone she knew, and last report from the one remaining person who was still Facebook friends with her was that she had started reposting Trump tweets on her timeline.

DemonTree PM’d me about cancel culture a few hours ago. We went back and forth for a bit, but I got tired of her strawman bullshit and finally blocked her. Trolling is bad enough, but she’s such a fucking lazy troll, repeating the same straw man bullshit over and over again, and making uncited claims that so often turn out to be false… I just decided it wasn’t worth my time.

She did that to you, too? Did she also randomly jump around to other topics that you hadn’t even brought up?

Sort of. Mostly just a Gish Gallop of bad arguments.

Man, you have more patience than I ever will. Congrats…

I guess…

You have my sympathies.

So, you cancelled her? How dare you!

Ah, there is the third stooge, I thought we had lost contact with planet fuckwit

Suffice to say is that Zoster is willfully ignoring that the bigoted Trump admin was the one aiding the moves to appeal the College admission cases to higher courts, and also that he is an idiot for not knowing what a Grammar Nazi is. The fact that he does think that was calling hin a plain Nazi is really telling.

[Grammar Nazi hat]
I meant: The fact that he does think that I was calling him a plain Nazi is really telling.

Well there he goes again doubling down on the Grammar Nazi act. Of course as damur showed they only have to dismiss any supporting cites as if I have no opinion, easier indeed for them to disparage the poster that agrees with the opinions and evidence cited than with the cites.

This analogy is disturbing…


Does the Catechism of Pastafarianism allows for transubstantiation? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, seems a valid addition to the thread. I hadn’t heard of them back when I made it. Plus they weren’t hijacking the troll ID thread.

You can’t tell me people don’t know what a Grammar Nazi is. And, for fuck’s sake, stop showing yourself to be a bigot by attacking someone’s English when you know they’re not a native speaker. It’s a complete lie to say you are not completely understandable.

Maybe he isn’t a native English speaker…?

See edit above: he attacked GIGO for his English. If someone does that, they lose the benefit of the doubt on that subject. That would make them a total hypocrite.

Also note that he was told by native speakers that he was mistaken and yet continued the claim, so even if he was an ESL speaker, he still would be someone who knew better.

Plus I’ve encountered him a few times since making this thread, and he likes to disingenuously claim that everyone is an antisemite.

I know - I was being ironic :wink:

Oh. Sorry. I thought you’d posted before I edited.

No worries - I did, but I’m familiar with the history there.

Also might as well throw in TimothyNewsome for being fake woke in the Joss Whedon thread. See AHunter’s Pit thread on this bigoted asshole for more info. Appropriating the language of anti-bigotry activists to spread his own bigotry.

Oh, damn. I thought he was for real.