I Pit Darren Garrison

I mean, the original thesis of the thread is that Darren_Garrison is an asshole for being a lynching apologist. It’s just a huge coincidence that he also is upset about this black actress.

A bit of an asshole?

I mean, what’s interesting here is that he realized he was dead wrong: Death is usually depicted as chalk white because all the Endless are depicted that way. What happens next is telling.

One possible response to that realization is to say, “Huh, it’s pretty fucked up how I remembered it so wrong, and that I got so critical of casting a black actress based on my faulty memory. This is a good time for me to reflect on how my biases might have played into this fuckup.”

That’s how someone who knows how they think would respond, because knowing how you think requires that sort of difficult self-reflection.

Another possible response is to realize that the memory was faulty, and then to go no further. That’s how someone who doesn’t know how they think would respond.

Or, you know, he’s just a racist, and how self-reflective he is is irrelevant.

I mean, just look at the OP of this whole thread. Dude already told us who he was last year.