I pit Doc Cathode

Well, if it’s under all your food, at least I know your suffering will be short, for there sadly is no way you will survive. May the FSM have pity on your poor, poor soul.

So cute!

Hell, he needs to learn how to read, period. In one of the recent ATMB threads about whether to keep or discard the Pit, he was still going on about other posters “telling lies” about his father, that they were accusing dear old dad of the crime of stolen valor, despite literally dozens of people explaining at length that that’s not at all what those posts had been about. Once he gets something fixed in his brain, nothing short of a thermonuclear dope slap can dislodge it, and maybe not even that.

I stand by what I said in the dedicated Pit thread — his brain is wired differently. It seems clear that the thoughts in his head possess, for him, the ineffable quality of truth, whether they result from facts he has learned or ideas he has originated; he cannot differentiate. Anything coming in from the outside that conflicts with these thoughts is either an attack or a lie or both.

And I repeat that this is sad, a reason to have sympathy, and at the same time results in behavior that produces great irritation.

During the transition to Discourse, maybe? I think everything that had been posted by time X was going to transfer over, but the new boards weren’t going to open until X+Y, so TubaDiva opened a temporary board to give us someplace to hang out in the meantime, with the warning that everything on it was going to disappear.

I don’t remember the nudes thread, though. Maybe I just missed it.

– are we sure this is even a Pit thread? Nobody seems to be swearing. Or even coming up with interesting creative insults. – wait a minute, I take that back. @Cervaise just did a pretty good job of the latter.

He posted a nude which you remember because he was dressed?

(Yes, I know what you probably meant.)(and yes, I see this has been a dressed later in the thread.)

No. It was over ten years ago. Similar idea but we were moving to a newer version of vB. It was the Amnesia Weekend.

Ah. I wasn’t here yet.

Oh, wow, I have so much difficulty remembering events on this board and somehow this is the memory that stands out to me.

Your most vivid board memory is amnesia weekend.

Just gonna let that sit there.

The irony is not lost on me.

Thinking about it, disrobed might have been a better word choice.

But…how much did it stand out to you?

(oh alright alright I’m off already.) :zipper_mouth_face:

Just going back to the OP . . .

Apparently being Pitted isn’t a big deal. Why are we worried? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But he was wearing a robe!

I don’t know how to solve this.

He was exposing himself. There!

(and FWIW I wasn’t bothered/offended and I don’t think any less of him or anything. It’s just… not something you see every day on the Straight Dope.)

I’m not going to jump into the Team Nude Robe vs Team WTF thing but I just wanted to note that this Pitting demonstrated the very intelligence, wit, and perspicacity we’ve all come to expect from DrDeth.

Congratulations on displaying the very qualities that have us all awaiting each of your posts with bated breath!

Or perhaps that was bait breath. Hard to say

Thanks for sharing one of the more pleasing phrases I’ve read recently.

Boredom’s next album name?

I forget so much, yet I’ve never been able to get that photo out of my brain.

Sounds delicious.

I approve this pitting. And it doesn’t matter if it’s used as an ingredient. It still tastes like plastic, and i don’t like my food to taste like plastic.

Amnesia weekend kept no records The nude thread remains the same.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: