I pit Doc Cathode

The use of Cool Whip in food is almost worthy of pitting in it’s own right. Judge judge judge!

Okay, it’s just barely barely acceptable as a quick pie ingredient but if you put Cool Whip on top of food I must forever shun you.

Yes DC’s NSFW nude thread is still searchable. But the free weekend follow up was posted by Giraffe

It doesn’t take all kinds. We just have all kinds.

You are my spirit animal.

Okay, from this point it will be under all my food.

That’s a neat trick…

As I recall, he was wearing a hat and an open robe.

Staff/ sword in hand iirc.

That’s not nude, though, is it?

It’s nude if the robe is not actually there, but rather conjured up by a spell that makes you think it’s there.

Like, the Emporer’s new clothes, but if people actually did see the clothes.

Well, this thread has taken an interesting turn.

Naturally. It was a threadbare premise at best. Didn’t leave much for the imagination. Easily exposed. Devoid of content. Nude, even.

And one I had nothing to do with, so I didn’t get perverted or misogynistic. Quite disappointing, actually.

Your attempt is very transparent.

Gandalf gave my dad a wizard robe.

“Stop laughing at my wand. It’s not my fault, it’s the one Olivander’s gave me!”

I can’t locate the lemon bar recipe right now, and it’s been kind of hectic around here (my dad’s sick), but I promise I’ll post it as soon as I can – pinky swear!

Oh, and it’s off topic, but I found a gif you might appreciate, MrDibble:

Is that a metaphor for Hari’s last warning?

I didn’t think of that, but it might work.