I pit jtur88

Yeah, I agree - there’s some weak sauce here. Truncation of a perfectly reasonable comment to deliberately misrepresent it; and earlier, his comment about calling TIPS on someone at a buffet was obviously sarcasm.

So now we’re not supposed to comment on Trump’s hair, or tiny hands, or orangeness? You’re taking all the fun out of life. :wink:

Here is an attempt to discuss that very topic. Now back to your regularly scheduled pitting.

It’s him all right.

I promise you that the most interesting man in the world does NOT live in Victoria, TX.
Cross my heart!

It is quite possible to be blind and drive. My father is legally blind and has been for several years. He has macular degeneration which affects your central vision where the cones (color and faces) are gathered, but leaves the peripheral vision relatively unaffected. He drove WELL past the time he should have stopped. It’s selfish, stupid, imbecilic, childish, and a good fucking way to kill yourself or someone else, but it’s possible.

I’m resurrecting this because the OP fits so nicely. jt does apparently go into every thread for the purpose of laying a giant turd. Today’s deuce, found stinking up this thread on scary things aliens might tell us.

Oh noes. You can’t grab anyone by the ass and have to complain everywhere you go. Wahhhhh!

Stop threadshitting, you big baby.

I posted this in the “Trolls R Us” thread because I didn’t feel like searching for this one. Thanks for giving this one a bump.

He’s like Shodan; Both are juuuuust this side of trolling.

I don’t recall the regarding one ever stating that his raison d’etre is to be contrarian.

“Hey! Goddammit, quit grabbing my ass, you perv!”

“Oh my, did I do that again? Forgive me, for I am a blind man living in a world of darkness, and was merely fumbling for my cane!”

“Dude, that’s like the fourth time! And you’re reading the Wall Street Journal!”

Shodan occasionally (occasionally damnit) makes me laugh. jt is just being an asshole.

He also thinks it’s perfectly kosher for teachers to have sexual relationships with their underage students.


See post #126

I may have missed this one, but when someone remarked that picking up a chicken and a cabbage that he’d found by the side of the road (he guessed it fell off a truck) was a good way to contract food poisoning, he came back with:
What are the odds that a chicken will have been poisoned by a terrorist and left on the side of the road? Or a cabbage? …

The only thing “wrong with me” is that my immune system has been allowed to develop antibodies to common pathogens through repeated exposure, so I can eat anything anywhere in any third world country, and have no disconcerting effects.

Yes, It’s called being a worthless asshole.

or become The Orange Turd His Self.

A chicken poisoned by a cabbage and left on the side of a road?
A chicken poisoned by a terrorist and left on the side of a cabbage?
A cabbage poisoned…

I knew an American journalist in Bangkok who was exactly like that. Thought it was cool to play devil’s advocate with every … fucking … thing … anyone … said. Yes, he was just a worthless asshole for the most part.


One day, sure - depending on what it is. A month, as one post above said? NO!