jtur88 Is An Obvious Troll and Liar

Rather than feed him in IMHO, I figured I would address this in the Pit where we can call a spade a troll.

So, jtur88, you are a troll.

In witness whereof, we have this, where the bridge-infester claims that the executions of Christian missionaries is a happy ending. Then in another (lying, idiotic) post later in the thread, he claims to be opposed to the death penalty. Then, called on his trolling/hate speech/dumb shit, he tries to change the subject and claim that Republicans and Christians in America are the ones who would find the execution of Christian missionaries to be a good thing, because they support execution for murderers and child rapists and such.

So, jtur88, you fucking troll, were you trolling the first time and lying the second, or lying the first time and trolling the second?


PS - I considered coming up with some creative insults, but it isn’t worth it. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. So I will just mention looking forward to the excision of this infected hemorrhoid from the asscheeks of the SDMB and leave it at that.

PPS - you fucking troll.

But still, you give him your “regards”.:p:rolleyes:

See my most recent mod note in the linked thread.


I don’t know about that. I just Googled “looking forward to the excision of this infected hemorrhoid from the asscheeks” and the only result was this post. So seems pretty creative to me.

I agree with Shodan on this one. It was an inappropriate and offensive joke. And when jtur88 got called on it, he tried to spin his way out of it rather than take responsibility.

True. Jtur was trolling.


jtur88, if you are reading this, listen to what the man is telling you. He’s one of the best at expressing hatred and contempt for people he disagrees with, without blowing past the rules, of anyone on this board. You could learn something.


From the other thread:

As someone who is not a big fan your regards, I must say, that there was good stuff!

But is he a Nazi?

Not only a Nazi, but fat and a bad tipper!


Does he declaw his cats also!!!:eek:


The shitball has been around since 2011 but I only noticed its username several months ago because it always seemed to take the contrarian point in all the threads I noticed it. And not always just that but a sort of extreme point as well and after a month or two of seeing the same pattern over and over it hit me. Yep it’s trolling.

Moving in on your turf, eh Drunky?

Meh, I’m not seeing much trollery.

I think he is an old man with too much time on his hands, too many unfounded opinions and an unhealthy need for approval and attention.

Wait, did I just describe a troll, there?

(I don’t think he’s maliciously or intentionally trolling though. Just somewhat clueless.)

Had my own run-in with the guy and chose to walk away from the thread rather than start a flame war. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who has a problem with him.

Yeah, this guy is suddenly appearing in every other thread–everywhere I click, he’s there stinking up the joint with his not very bon mots. And he’s a bipartisan douchebag, too, if it makes the OP feel better. In one IMHO thread today he dismissed gay rights and abortion as unimportant “shrill issues.”

Basically just an asshat.

Here’s the quote about Christian missionaries, for those who don’t care to follow the link:

Sad to see someone spending his golden years trolling, rather than doing more meaningful things.

If this is him, he’s 75. Which probably means he’s in dire need of a nap and more fiber in his diet.

It must be. From the link:

So an uneducated troll. Sounds about right.