jtur88 Is An Obvious Troll and Liar

Yeah, this. I am sooooo over old guys right now. Now that the baby boomers are past retirement age they’re just…everywhere. My dad included. They’re everywhere being angry and pushy and superior and annoying. And gross (yes you aceplace57).

I hope some old guy on this board gets pissed at the above sentiment and starts a thread about how old guys are not all bad, “for instance not me” and gives me some examples of some old guys who aren’t all that bad. Because I need my faith restored, and your peers are making you look awful.

glee. He’s an old guy who’s not that bad. He should start a thread. KlondikeGeoff isn’t bad either but he’s more mature (er, way older) than some of these annoying dudes.

I’ve met hardcore antitheists in real life. It wouldn’t surprise me that someone could end up genuinely hating the Christianity and the Christian Establishment™
They too were surprising tolerant of Muslims, because anything Evangelicals disliked must be in their minds, totally good.

Yep. This, exactly.

That’s it, buster; you’re off my Christmas list.

Or he has recently received a visit from ol’ Al Zheimer or he’s off his meds. :frowning: I prefer to think that he’s just an asshole at times.

ETA: ZipperJJ, dude’s 73. To old to be a boomer, too old to even be a war baby. Leave us boomers out of this.

Living by wits alone? Sounds like he’s only enjoying life half as much as a regular doper.

I’ve no dog in this fight, I just had to get that line in some where.

He’s the one who said he would never call the cops in any situation because the police are the enemy. This was in response to people saying how they had called the cops because of accidents, assaults, robberies, etc:

So yeah, Shodan’s 100% correct on this one. Dude’s a douchebag troll.

Yep, that’s what put him on my asshole-o-meter.

How long do you think it would take him to rethink that policy if some kid were throwing rocks through his windows when he wasn’t home?

The post that put him on my radar was in a thread about future developments we wish we could live to see. He said

I have known older people who would have loved to live long enough to see the cure for what was killing them, or to have been born in a time when the cure existed.

The one that really iced it for me was his thread-shit in drewtwo99’s happy thread about finally having a positive net worth. Our hero’s contribution?

What a guy. Two weeks later drewtwo99 left SDMB, for various other reasons.

I wonder what spurred burst of posting he has been on? He has been around since 8/4/2011 with 1705 total posts, and over 1000 of them have been since March of this year, over 500 in the past month.

He found his special purpose.

Just figure out which other troll got banned in March and all will be answered.

Retirement, forced or otherwise.

His co-workers don’t have to deal with his douchey ass anymore. Unfortunately, he’s decided that we should be graced with his presence instead.

Posted in the thread Why is Ebola such a big deal?

I’m agreeing with Shodan on something. Fuck.

It’s a miracle!


If he’s not home, he wouldn’t know about it. :smiley:

It looks like he’s gotten a warning in GQ. This could be interesting to see how many he racks up.

Oh sure, you guys. Pick on a retired old man with a dial-up connection.

I like the way he spoke for his entire generation on the 1950/2050 thing. God help any generation that needs jtur88 as a spokesman.