I pit pizza phone ordering in this town!

We decided to order a pizza for delivery tonight, so we called the local GOOD pizza joint - none of the Domino’s cardboard variety for us tonight - and I placed our order and asked that it be charged to our credit card. The place was apparently packed - I could barely hear the girl who answered the phone over the crowd. She asked me for the card number, and then started to yell:

So your card number is 2468-17…

I yelled at her to stop, she did, and I politely asked her to please not read card numbers in a loud voice in the middle of a restaurant.

Sir, I have to verify your card number. It’s 2468-17…

Once again, a shouted command to stop. I said “You have my phone number - if that card number does not go through, please call me back.”

What the hell goes through people’s minds at times like these? Let’s just shout all the credit card numbers so anyone listening can hear them!

Idiots, I tell ya. But damn, the pizza is good.

Wait! You need to finish the story!

What’s the rest of your credit card number? :smiley:

What kind of pizza did you get?

And the expiration date please :slight_smile:

If the possibility of someone writing down your CC# and exp date, then trying to find out your first and last name seems like something that might happen, I’m curious about the other things you do to keep your info secure.

I’ll admit that giving my security number from the back of the card to a food delivery place is going a bit too far, and the few times I’ve been asked for it, I told the people to just skip past that part on the CC machine. It’s always worked without it.

And the V-code off of the back if it’s not too much trouble…

It does seem to me that the chances of anyone in the restaurant overhearing the number and managing to do something malicious with it are swamped by the chances of the phone-answering girl herself being directly involved in nefariousness. But I suppose there’s still no need to loudly read out the numbers.

When I worked retail, if we provided the CVV2 number while authorizing the transaction, we paid less for the transaction - I believe it was about 1/2% lower - than if we didn’t provide it.

A good one.

OK, sorry for the smart-ass response…

Ham, Sausage, Mushrooms, Black Olive, and fresh tomato slices.

It’s the specialty of the house at this place. Superb.

I was with you 100% until the black olives. Sorry, man-you’re on your own, now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, why the hell doesn’t anyone like black olives? Black olives are awesome. They’re a standard topping, so clearly there are masses of people somewhere who like them. I like them. I wouldn’t order a pizza for myself without them. Yet whenever I want to order a pizza with someone, and even mention the thought of putting black olives on it, I get grimaces, scowls, and broken friendships.

For that matter, green olives aren’t very popular, either, in my experience. People who aren’t me have no taste.

Olives cover the taste of every other topping. May as well get 100% olives on the pizza (and I’ll get my own then, thank you)

I’m with ya there. Olives have no place on a pizza. Or anywhere else in proximity to my mouth.

Black olives FTW.

People who get green olives on a pizza are crazy freaks.

I’ll steal a slice of Rico’s pizza anyday, though.

Come to think of it, one of the best pizzas I ever had had only two toppings. You can guess what they were.

Pepperoni and anchovies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Olives taste like the metal ring top from a soda can. No, thank you.

Putting the question of toppings aside, I’d need more information before I took your word for this. I know these sorts of things are subjective, but did you check the box to see if your pizza was baked in an oven? Because, fresh oven-baked pizza… it’s the greatest.

I actually love both black and green olives. But I don’t like them on pizza. Like others say, they completely take over all the other toppings.

I’ll take mine on the side, please.

I knew my ears were ringing for some reason.

BTW, I completely agree. I can’t stand those slimy things. Ugh.
ETA: I find it delightful that a pit thread about a perfectly legitimate annoyance has devolved into an earnest expression of pizza topping preferences. Why I love the Dope.