I Pit Split_p_j

And you just ‘’‘believe’’’ a different set of lies.

If you are that susceptible to the effects of alcohol, why drink at all? Drugs like Quaaludes also effect people differently which I have already said. A wrong “dose” could kill. You are wrong about different types of alcohol though.

If you are unsure about any of it why take it?

Yes, it’s just me

No, no, too many people believe in the fact-less bullshit you believe in.
Please, tell us more about how 9/11 was a hoax!

I was young and naive and trusting and dumb and I didn’t know that a second drink would knock me on my ass. It’s possible he drugged me too, but I don’t know that.

I wouldn’t make the same mistake now, but I’m 40 years older. People make mistakes and that should not be a reason for someone to take advantage.

This memory has stayed with me. I felt guilty for being so dumb. The attitudes you’re expressing are why I felt that shame for years.

Not good enough if you were an adult woman. It’s your body your choice right? You made a choice to have that first drink. You don’t get to say it was the second one that did you in 40 years later. We don’t owe it to you to say “ok if you say so, it must be true.”

WOW, going for the flame out banning are ya? We haven’t had a good one of those in years! Tell me, do you have an unpublished ‘Magnum Opus’?

They just accused someone with no proof? Why should I be the one to get banned?

Because you’re a piece of shit rape denialist that even Starving Artist would condemn.

I’m not a rape denialist as you put it, but some proof is nice. Just saying you had two drinks and therefore must have been drugged is not good enough, especially if you willing drank them.

The easy answer is as soon as the first drink is offered say no thanks. If the guy still wants to hangout you hangout, if not go home.

Not that this thread was any good, but it’s really tanked. You are saying some really disgusting things split_p_j. So much that you have several onion-like layers of awfulness and misogyny and hate that some of it just slips by notice for the most part (or just is comparatively less bad and is put aside).

I’m not sure if you’re saying that Scarlett Johansson can’t be oversexualized now that she’s 40, or that female comic book characters aren’t usually oversexualized and she’s only complaining because she’s old. But you are wrong on both of those counts.

She’s complaining now that she’s old and is near the wall. She didn’t give a fuck when she was young, and had real power, she was actively selling her sex appeal back then. same with Rose Mcgowan.

The guys do it too, but the wall comes like 20 years later for them so that’s why you don’t hear them complaining much.

I haz popcorn.

I just wanted to say that you are heard and believed.

And the above is yet another reason we need a fucking thumbs up button.

I’ve got a ton of reports from this thread, but can’t deal with it until I get home in a couple hours. I’m closing it, at least temporarily, until I have time to make a decision about what to do here.

I’ve had a chance to review the thread, and consider the posts in question. While I share a strong visceral reaction to one of the viewpoints being offered here, I’m not seeing an actual rules violation. The posts in question appear to be sincerely held, and made in an attempt to defend a (largely indefensible) position.

I am sympathetic to the idea that the position in question is something that should be disallowed generally on the board, but that’s not something I can decide unilaterally. I’ve opened up a discussion with the other mods on the subject, but that’s going to take time. While that’s going on, I’m reopening this thread.

Opening an ATMB thread about it so there’s a place for poster discussion about modding this, in parallel with the mod loop: