I Pit Split_p_j

See what I mean?

It’s kind of all BS here now. I was slandered as a terrorist in a thread here about unions, a topic I most likely know more about than anyone on this board. I’m seeing a trend that mirrors the world now that everything has to be this or that.

Who is this pit thread even for? Every other post is hidden. Do we have a poster named @split_p_j? Still? I thought they got shit-canned for being a misogynist, conspiracy theorist concern troll.

He is not out on a technicality, he is not guiltly. Look at Judge Brown’s comments on the matter. Are you really saying you know the law better than an actual judge?

You’d love for me to get banned, but I know the rules. You guys are building your own echo chamber here now.

Well kinda does, Laws of Logic don’tcha know…

Cute, but you know what I mean.

No, I don’t. Can I pour you a nice cool drink?

I’ll say I don’t trust a television personality and politician who relies on notoriety to stay relevant. He has also had his own share of legal problems, having to be removed from one court case where he was a judge, and also being jailed for contempt of court after being combative in a case where he was a lawyer. He’s definitely not someone I’d consider an unassailable authority on the law.

Yes you know what I’m saying. You have all eliminated any gray areas. You are either a SWJ or a MAGA now on this board and you fight against any thing that doesn’t fit into that split. I’m glad I’m old and won’t have to deal with this BS.

He was a real sitting judge, he knows the law.

Are you going to start soon?

He has a history of saying inflammatory things. And he was giving his personal opinion in the interview you are holding up as gospel. He was not acting in the role of a legal professional, something he hasn’t done for 6 years now. You’re making an extremely flawed call to authority.

But I mean, you have already shown that you have only the most tenuous hold on reality, between your advocacy of rape, 9/11 conspiracy-mongering, and denial of things you say right after you say them, who the fuck knows what other crazy bullshit you’ll squirt out next.

I’ve done it.

According to this place women are strong and in control, unless they drink then oh they couldn’t consent. Black lives matter, but only when cops kill a black person.

No, defending yourself means you refute the attacks against you, not confirm them.

9/11 is part of the reason why we are here now, but it backfired on them. To be fair there was no way anyone could see 20 years out. The lies are what killed us, that could be seen and now US will fall in part because of the 9/11 lies.

Why do you think most Republicans think Trump won. They deal in lies, bold faced lies, but they are used to it now after 20 years.

@split_p_j now is when you go into the ATMB thread and innocently complain about how mean the Pit is to new posters.

You do understand the MAGA’s are going to attack again next month right?

Maybe Bill should make all the MAGAs a nice drink…

Back before I got pretty good at drinking, I could go from feeling just fine to being almost too drunk to stand in 2 seconds flat.

Sometimes the act of standing would reveal that I’d had too much. Sometimes it wasn’t until I was hit by the outside cold air.

Alcohol works differently on different people. Different types of alcohol work differently. And mixing the types of alcohol can have even different results.

I was raped on a date with a man who fed me alcohol. He invited me over to watch a beauty pageant. This is 40 years ago and I can still remember it. I was young and naive and inexperienced at drinking and dating. The first drink he made for me was a tequila sunrise. The sweetness of the drink made it easy to hide the alcohol. I was so nervous because I was beginning to realize that I didn’t want to be there and I didn’t know how to tell him and so I said yes to a second drink. This time he brought me a wine spritzer, telling me that he was out of tequila. I had no idea it would hit me like a ton of bricks.

The next thing I can recall is laying on his bed with my pants down and my shirt up. I couldn’t move or articulate that I didn’t want what was happening. After he was finished, he guided/carried me to the couch where he sat me down and then he got into the shower. I’m not sure how much time had passed but I was finally feeling like I could move and the next time he left the room, I threw up on his couch right where he’d been sitting. I covered the vomit with a pillow and when he left the room again to get the supplies to clean up the vomit, I left as fast as I could.

I didn’t report it to the police. I just went home and scrubbed myself and cried. The man was waiting for me outside my work a few days later asking for a second date. I declined and never saw him again.

Ok I see its all a joke, even after what they did on the 6th.

I’m telling you their beliefs are partly based on the 9/11 lies. The necons in the PNAC paper of '98 thought it would bring the country together. They were wrong.