I pit the Bible and the Christian God

Frank Langella’s Skeletor…didn’t suck!

(He was the only one in that movie who didn’t suck…)

Not likely. No lips. He might have nibbled some though.

I was really taken aback by the September join date.

Hint to the OP: When you start an anti-religion thread and all Der Trihs does when he arrives is crack jokes about Skeletor, you have officially failed.

That’s awesome. It’s going up on my office door.

He’s apparently a really lousy money manager and always broke.

He’s a step up from Ra, though. I’m pretty sure that guy’s running a pyramid scheme.


Yeah, I checked the OP’s Join Date – knew it’d be An00bis.

God loves you anyway.:slight_smile:

Yeah, but epidemiology is written by the vectors. :smiley:

Huge happy whoop of delighted laughter! Truth and wisdom!

This is a weak pitting - I’ll give it three days to see if it can rise to the expectations.

I feel like I owe Trihs a beer for that move…

And ‘the Christian God’, too. He obviously just rolled his eyes and didn’t bother replying (I have it on good authority he was heard to mutter ‘Douchewad…’).

The Christian God has heard far worse.

Cliffs Notes for the Bible:

God creates man and everything man does pisses God off!

The end.

This OP reminds me of another from a good long while ago. It was an Anti-Christian pit thread that was so piss poor it started the “Og” meme on the SDMB.

OG SMASHES the college freshmen that thinks an ill-thought out and poorly constructed anti-religion OP is going to garner respect.

The Bible is bullshit because it is full of things that are not true or real.

People, however, are bullshit when they believe it is literally true. Some people wrote the bullshit, and other people ate it up like a steaming dessert.

Cool story, bro. The OP still sucks.

A weak pitting it truly is.

May as well make a pitting about Scientology. What more needs to be said? It’s too easy a target.

I’m now picturing some street-corner homophobe orating away on his soapbox, when his eyes light up as he sees Fred Phelps approaching; but when Fred steps up, all he says is “I just flew in from Westboro, and boy are my arms tired! Thank you, I’ll be here all week, tip your waiter!”. :smiley: