I Pit The Digusting Jew-Haters Attacking Synagogues in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Story here

It started with anti-Semetic symbols painted on a friend’s synagogue in Maywood. Then again on one in Hackensack. Then a fire set at one in Paramus.

Now the fucking douchbags have thrown fireballs into a synagogue and parsonage in Rutherford, putting the rabbi, his wife, five children, and the rabbi’s parents at risk. It’s escalated from vandalism to property damage to attempted murder.

I hope these assholes are caught soon, before they succeed in murdering someone.

It must be Dhalsim from Streetfighter II - but I thought India was renowned for its religious diversity and tolerance?:confused:

Um, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

I knew Nazis had a thing about wizards and the occult, but I didn’t know any had managed to make it to level 5.

Maybe it’s payback for the assassination of the Iranian scientist the other day.

It is New Jersey so its an easy mistake to make

Assuming he is talking about a videogame character that throws fireballs.

Making fun of the idea of “throwing fireballs.” (Rather than say, “petrol bombs” or “Molotov cocktails,” as would be more usual.)

This is why NJ sucks.

Maybe they picked up a wand.

Dude, NJ sucks for a lot of reasons, but I’m guessing you’d lose the round in Family Feud if you guessed “constant fireball attacks” for one of the top reasons.

Show me “Fireballs”!

Survey Says…


eta: on a more serious note, we better stop these guys before they level up and get Chain Lightning

Is Bergen County known for stuff like this?

Bergen County is where a lot of the rich people who work in NYC live. It’s rich, mostly white and mostly republican. (cite cite)

So, no, Bergen Co is not known for this sort of event.

Bergen county is in New Jersey, which is in the United States, which is on Earth. So yes, it’s known for this kind of stuff.

Ok, not specifically there, but the synagogues tend not to be in the specific places where this kind of thing happens frequently. But there really aren’t any places that are exempt from being the specific location of the next event.

That’s not funny.

I kind of thought it went without saying, but I will amend my question: do things like this happen in Bergen County more often than in other places on Earth?

I agree. Kobal2’s joke was much better.

No it is unusual. Unusual enough to have a US Senator get on TV about it.

Suspect arrested

19 years old? And having so much hate he would set a family’s house on fire?

Shit. Fuckin’ shit.

Payback assumes these innocent people had something to do with it.

[and everything else that’s so wrong with that idea]

He looks kind of Semitic himself. :slight_smile: