I pit the sumbitch that keyed my car!

I was at the North Wildwood Irish Festival this weekend, and some fucker scratched up my kar down to the sheetmetal.

If I caught the guy in the act, I WOULD’VE SLICED HIS FACE OPEN WITH A KNIFE!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Don’t you mean a cnife? :stuck_out_tongue:

Too easy on him. Have him pulled apart by tortises. That way you get a longer payback for his crimes.

Vandals should be publicly flogged.

Stole someone’s parking spot, did you?


I’m sorry for what happened to your car. But isn’t it lucky that you did not catch the miscreant responsible?

No. Ordinary spot on the street. Wasn’t blocking anybody’s driveway or nothing.

Just some random drunk guy that ran his key down everybody’s car on the block.
Factual question: If I report this to the Police (needed to get insurance to pay for the damage) won’t that make my rates go up?

Do you have a Bush-Cheney sticker still on your bumper?

Typical democrat, always blaming the victim.

Keying a car is the sign of a weak person. That’s all they can do.

Having said that…my car was keyed by a jerk that had nothing else to do. He resented the fact that I could hold a job and he didn’t. I gave him money to buy his family food. And he resented that!

Anyway, he couldn’t pay his rent and he’s long gone now. If you lend somebody money and you never see that person again, maybe it’s a good deal.

But every morning just before driving to work I see that long gash in the side of the car and am reminded that he was (and probably still is) an asshole.

Totally with Enola.

Keying a car is one of those malicious things, that I feel need a stiff penalty with the crime. A year in jail for each car.

It’s making a claim on your insurance that’s going to make your rates go up. Reporting it to the police is incidental.

Fuck that. I say the perp should be forced to take up ferret legging…handcuffed.

Caning seems to work well in Singapore. (I haven’t noticed any news articles about that same shithead vandalizing cars since then, at any rate.)

On first reading, I thought you wanted the cars jailed. :smack:

Sorry for the hijack, but amen to this. Cheapest, simplest way to get the nasty people out of your life is giving them money.

They should be fucking killed, man. No trial, no jury, straight to execution.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to incarcerate the offender?

We’re going to allow exceptions for keying a Lexus that is parked diagonally across four spaces in the first row of the parking lot, right?

You can do that? Wow, that’s a long car.

Yeah, of course there’ll be exceptions. We only execute people we don’t like, to ensure total fairness.

I join in this pitting, my sister’s b/f’s car was vandalised outside the house a few weeks back, some retarded shit eater went down the street kicking wing mirrors off car doors. As a bonus, the next night when the wing mirror was tied back onto the door, someone else, hell, maybe the same dickhead, cut neatly through the twine to let the mirror fall off again :mad: