I pit this whole damn week

I live just east of Orlando, Florida and I have not had electricity for seven days thanks to hurricane Charley. Photos of the damage in my neighborhood can be found here. Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong in the url, talk to my husband.

During this trying time, I have found that when people say, “if you need anything, just call me” they don’t mean it. I asked one “friend” who’s had power since Sunday if she could spare a bag of ice, she said no, her kids ate it all. Didn’t even call home to check. Just no. I asked my son’s day care if they could give him a bath, it’s a home day care and it would’ve taken 10 minutes to do something that would really help me out. The kid hadn’t had a bath in 5 days. Nope, they didn’t have time. Another “friend” who lives 15 minutes from me got her power back and proceeded to tell me how fantastic it was to be able to shower and have a/c and eat a hot meal all fucking day, but didn’t even offer us a chance to get out of the heat for a while. If you need anything, just call… but don’t expect me to actually help you. Assholes.

As if that’s not enough, I went to see my eye doc for this test I have to have every six months because of a med that I take and to talk to him about my left eye going all wonky lately. I don’t like when docs order MRI’s of my head to be done “immediately”. It makes me nervous. Especially since I just had one six months ago.

I finally get back to work with my eyes all dilated and funky, when the phone rings. It’s time to take my panic attack on the road! My brother says Grandma flipped her car on I-95, we have to go to the hospital. So, we race to the hospital 2 hours away. She’s fine, they xrayed her from head to toe and sent her home. She has a big bruise on her hip and another on her neck from the seat belt. She flipped the car four times down a hill and got out of the car herself. She’s one tough cookie.

August 13 - 19, 2004, YOU SUCK!! I am so fucking sick of being nasty, sweaty and filthy. I am over washing myself in the sink, eating drive-thru food and explaining to my 3 year old why he can’t watch TV or have milk or even sleep in his own fucking bed. And I woke up Monday morning with a lovely head cold.


I say you should send a carbon copy of your letter to Governor Duh. Anyway, {{{{{{{{Heppie}}}}}}}}

But I’m not wealthy or Puerto Rican or Republican, so what makes you think he’d care?

…Oh, Oh… :eek:

Your friends suck.

Maybe after all this is over, the one good thing you can pull our of it is that you re-evaluated your friendships. Lose the people that are not really your friends - they will only pull you down… subsequently, keep the good friends, don’t take them for granted.

Oh, Heppie I’m so sorry. Do you have power back yet?

I’m glad your Grandma’s okay. I’d say she’s got a tough granddaughter, too. :slight_smile:


I talked to her a couple times over the weekend and she’s something else. She said she was awake the whole time the car was rolling and remembers the whole thing. She’s not too sore, she keeps offering to come over and do all my laundry for me :smiley:

Wish I could bring you a big bag of ice and some better “friends” :mad: I bet your real friends are in the same mess or they would be there helping you out a little…

Glad your Grandma is fine…wow…I’d say you got some good genes there :slight_smile:

Hope the MRI turns out to be just a precaution…let us know.

Wishing ** ((( Heppie )))** a better week…

I’m glad you put the word friend in sarcastic quotes, because they’re not your friends. I’d have invited a friend of mine over to stay on my sofa, let alone insisting they come over to shower and do laundry or whatever. What asswipes.

Sorry about your week. I know it probably won’t make you feel any better, but it was great pitting.

Hope things look up.

Er, it was a great pitting…

Oh, Heppie, if we lived closer, I’d help you. But I’m way down in the south-ish corner of Polk County and that’s a bit far, I’d guess, for you to commute. I wish you had better friends. My husband and I spent part of Sunday helping a friend of his clean up the couple-hundred (exaggeration) trees that fell down in his yard in Hardee County.