I read slash. I'm going to hell.

I read/write yaoi/slash too. Mostly Suikoden stuff right now.

Course I’m looking for Ultima slash, but have yet to find any. :frowning:

Ultima Slash? As in the video game?

Heh. The mind boggles. :slight_smile:

Me too.

I don’t mind Xander much, I just don’t like him paired with Spike. I just don’t buy it (eh, but I’ll buy Spike/Wes :rolleyes: )

Can’t enough of really well-written slash. I read and write slash. Love it, love it, love it.

Anyone here read the very funny slash piece titled “Gallant is Aroused; Goofus is Horny”? Hilarious and very well written by David Doty. It’s archived at the litslash site.

“Ultima Slash? As in the video game?”

Yup. That one! :smiley: Just that the only Ultima slash I ever found was…well, written by me and that was shounen-ai(pg version of slash/yaoi) and even then it was only the word “Avatar” that was used. Plus it was in an entirely different universe. Not much of a fan work there.

yum slash.
I love slash. I’ll read just about any fandom I know. Anyone else here love HP Slash?

You mean Harry Potter slash?

Sorry, I’m not one of them. Hehehe…

Anyone else love Suikoden slash? :smiley:

yes harry potter. Glah. I can’t help it.
I have actully never read Suikoden slash.
do you mean the video game? Or somthing else? :confused:
I have read “Gallant is Aroused; Goofus is Horny”
that was a while ago though

Yea, the video game. It’s actually hard to find good Suikoden slash. Heh.

I love Spike/Xander. But then, I’ve never seen the show, so I don’t really know what the actors look like, or how true to canon the characters are. Am I weird for reading slash for shows I’ve never seen? I watch almost no television, and don’t get cable, so I mostly have no idea of canon. I just go on how real the characters feel to me and how skillful the writing is.

I’ve become pretty desensitized by now–I read slash for the plot, not the smut. There’s only so many times you can read about two men having sex before it all starts to sound the same. Not that I mind the smut, exactly, but I sometimes skip over it these days if it’s all boring and romantic.

HP slash freaks me out a bit–I’ve read some good stuff, but I can’t help but find it weird that people have been so inspired to write smut about them. They’re books about school children, after all, not exactly boiling with Unresolved Sexual Tension. Snape/Harry creeps me out–any slash with a relationship with people who aren’t on equal footing, like a boss/subordinate or a teacher/student would.

Interesting pairings I’ve seen:
Aziraphale/Crowley (from Good Omens)
Ford/Arthur (from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)
Jay/Silent Bob
Jessica/Lila (from the Sweet Valley Twins books! :eek:)

We’re a twisted bunch. I’ll be seeing y’all in Hell. :wink:

PS: Does anyone know if we’re allowed to post links if there’s nothing explicit going on? or would copyright issues prevent that? Just for future reference.

Question: why no interracial slash, like between Wesley, Angel and Gunn?

Heh, I have a friendship with a particular semi-celebrity because I once had the opportunity to approach him (at a party) to ask what he thought about fan-fiction featuring a persona he had brought to life. We then sat and discussed our favorite slash stories involving him for the better part of three hours, and then we started e-mailing each other and now we’re buddies.

Slash can be the generator of some beautiful relationships, but I think that when the foundation of a relationship is slash fic, both parties are not just going to hell, they’re going to be holding the welcome reception for when the others arrive.

Oh, by the way, Luka/Carter and Jay/Silent Bob fic is one thing, but this particular friendship evolved over fic written about a real person. (Music group slash fic - it’s dirty, dirty, bad just in general.)

It doesn’t work for me because on the show, Xandre took a firm “Vampires are bad” stance that he never wavered from. Not once. To me, it’s just blatantly and distractingly out of character. Xander’s not a bad looking guy at all, and Spike is beyond sexy (has been described as “sex on a stick” and “liquid fuck”) but I’m too hung up on canon.

Love slash, although I always seem to be interested in pairings that few others are. When we go to Hell, am I going to have to sit in the corner all by myself while you guys get to frolic around on the burning sands of the Seventh Circle? (Or is that blown around by the stormy winds of the Second Circle?)

Sorry, Guin, this computer’s being a pain in the arse and it might take me a while to find the link. In the meantime, congratulations, poetchick85 - it was Harry Potter slash, but none of the kids were involved. The pairing was Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, which is my poison of choice. I don’t know if this fits capacitor’s request for interracial slash, seeing as it involves slash between one character who’s human and another who’s… not quite.

Interestingly, the only other pairing I read regularly has also made an appearance in this thread - Crowley/Aziraphale.

Also, Guin - you mentioned PWP as standing for Porn Without Purpose. That’s a new one on me - I always thought it stood for “Plot? What plot?”

And having said that, I’m going to back to the fires of hell for a nap.

Okay, am I the only one who googled (well, yahooed) this?

Hmmm, I’ll look again at the fanfiction.net search.

Yeah, maybe it is Porn Without Plot. I don’t remember.

My favorite slash site is www.wraithsandrogues.net
Well, not all of it is slash, not all of it is NC17, for that matter. Great SW pilot stories. So I feel safe in mentioning it here. I have two of my stories archived there-one unfinished, though. Oh, but neither is slash. I want to try a Luka/Carter story, for ER and maybe an Obi Wan/Anakin story.

Okay, I think I found it-is it “Monsters and Angels?”

Oh, and I agree about real people though-and you probably shouldn’t write het fic about them either. Let them have their privacy.

I thought slash was fanfic covering hard core sex of any persuasion, not just homosexual?

If not, what is the term for fanfic covering hard core straight sex?

Some of the best slash I ever read was – get this – an AU post-<i>Grave</i> Spike/Lorne (!!!) vignette. Seriously. Spike had been blinded somehow (took place off camera, and I don’t remember the author’s explanation), it was written from Lorne’s POV and the author had the Lorne-voice dead-on <i>perfect</i>. Snarky, swishy asides and everything. I mention the blindness thing because the author worked in all these great themes of helplessness and control that you had to read to believe. It was both squicky and satisfying. Read it in an old Livejournal post, though, so I don’t think I could find it again if I tried. And I’ve tried.

Good Spike/Giles and Giles/Riley is always nice to find, too, especially G/R where Giles is three-sheets drunk and kind of Rippery… Ooooh! And there’s some Spike/Willow/Giles out there that’s more than worth reading. Yum.

See how I mentioned Livejournal up there? Well, it’s the horrible beasty that sucked all awareness of vB code from my brain.

<jedi mind trick> Those aren’t HTML tags.</jmt>

Oh, fuck smilies and fuck coding and fuck every character in the whole damned Jossverse because I am going to bed before I manage to crash the boards somehow.