I really want to pit Comedy Central...

…But I just dont know where to start!

I kinda understand where they are comming from. Is a joke really worth having a CS building blown up, or someone killed. But how, in this country especially, have we gone from not wanting to offend a muslim, but being okay to have Jesus shiting on GW, and the American flag?

I know CS was scared. But where do you draw a line? How much more do you bow to extremists pressure? What if muslims decided you couldn’t even say “mohammed” anymore? Would we bow to that as well? How does it end?

You know, if there truly is a heaven (and I think there is…of some kind anyway) God, Mohammed, and Jesus must sit around a table and cry in soul crushing sobs, at what is done in their names.

Cafe Society?
Charlie Sheen?
Christian Scientists?
Comedy Sentral?

hahaha…man im slow. took me a few minutes to figure out what you were trying to say! And now that I have…smart ass…can a lonely and bored mod change CS, to CC?


Considering people have already been murdered for less, it makes sense. Comedy Central isn’t out to change the world, man. They want to make money. Pissing off people who would seriously contemplate sending you explosives rather than a nasty voicemail does not behoove the money-making process.
Comedy Central wussed out but I can’t blame 'em. I wouldn’t want to get blown up or murdered either.

“That piece of halibut was good enough for Mohammed.”
Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

It’s a joke.

I can’t believe I need to even explain this. I’m sorry that two episodes and an hour’s worth of airtime to reach the punchline wasn’t enough of a setup. I’m sure Matt and Trey will work harder next time and the Season 10 DVD set will come prepackaged with a spoon to ensure you’re properly fed.

Seriously, look at this article. There are two and only two people quoted: Kyle from the show and William Donahue from the freakin’ Catholic League.Comedy Central? No comment from them other than a cryptic message.

Trey and Matt? Nope. They’re represented by a “person close to the show who didn’t want to be identified because of the issue’s sensitivity.”

Two decades after his death and Andy Kaufman still has the last laugh.

I understand this is a fear based response, but the episode made a huge point. At what point do we stand up for freedom of speech? Is freedom of speech subject to change based on the threats of an extremist group?

FYI, South Park has already depicted Mohammed in an episode — The Super Best Friends.

The Super Best Friends South Park episode.

Seems like you really missed the joke, since that’s apparently what Parker and Stone were saying.

I don’t know. I mean, I don’t believe in any of that stuff, but even if I did, I hope they wouldn’t give a damn about poorly-drawn cartoons running late at night on cable television.

As a citizen, I am relieved to know that I live in a country where there is still the freedom to mock the President, the flag and religious figures. As a Christian, I believe my God isn’t trivial enough to be offended. As a Comedy Central fan, I just wish they would go back to their irreverent coverage of the State of the Union Addresses.

Obviously, the terrorists have already won.

I wonder if Comedy Central has a sense of humor about itself? I would love to see Matt and Trey poke a little fun at CC itself for this (in that nice, “indirect but obvious” way such as they handled Chef & Scientology of course).

South Park Censored: Not a Joke

It gives the same quote from CC (though it doesn’t seem that cryptic), and no quote from Matt and Trey. But I don’t think that means it’s a joke.

Of course not. But the principles of free expression and equal treatment certainly are.

This would be a valid point if the government was trying to censor this episode, as happened in the south park version of the story. But Comedy Central opting to not air a certain episode is simply a business decision. Fight for freedom of speech? Maybe they decided having people boycotting them and threatening them wasn’t worth what wasn’t really a funny joke in the first place. Or maybe they realized that making a big deal about it when get them in the news AGAIN (remember Isaac Hayes?) and give them a nice ratings boost. They apparently didn’t have a problem with showing Muhammad in the Super Best Friends episode.

And I thought it was funny how the “moral of the story” at the end of the episode was partially based on an obvious false dilemma. “If we let the extremists censor this episode, then we’ll have to censor this one. It’s all or nothing”

That all said the episode was pretty hilarious at times.

Comedy Central definitely allows for some mockery. The South Park from two weeks ago ended on a cliff-hanger. The narration went something like “To be continued next week… or will Comedy Central wuss out?”

My question is this: How the hell do you know what Big Mo even looks like? How do we know that the “second reporter from the left” during the press conference wasn’t actually supposed to be him?

I think all gods look pretty much the same. You know, sizable beard, flowing robes, and an old/wise demeanor. Except of course they have to be the same race as the people who worship them.

With the notable exception of a Jew being worshipped mostly by non-Jews.

And non-Italians worshipping the flying spaghetti monster.

You know, I am not easily offended at all, especially regarding religion, etc. And I abhor censorship. But South Park is really pushing the envelope, but not in order to affect positive change or anything. The sort of thing they’re doing is closer to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater; being offensive for offensiveness’ sake. I don’t know; I pretty conflicted. I really hate censorship, and I think Muslims’ touchiness regarding Muhammed is too intolerant, but the South Park guys simply aren’t worthy of fighting this fight, and I’d rather this issue be worked out in a more reasonable manner by people who know what they’re doing and respectful of cultures/people different from themselves.

What about that flying lizard thing?

By the way, I love your username! :smiley: