I see all these intros...

I s’pose I should have lurked a little longer to get the feel for the appropriate behavior of a newbie. Just kinda jumped in, though. Please accept my humble apologies. :wally

Anyhow, I’m a 20 year old college drop-out. I loved school until I graduated – couldn’t stand college, now I’m a bartender. But I still love intelligent conversation every now and then, and that’s difficult to find in a bar. I suppose that’s what made me subscribe so quickly. I found the SDMB on Google when I looked up “pathological liar”. Ha! But I found a better technical definition here than anywhere else, was able to print it out, and shove it in the face of the aforementioned pathological liar, and tell him to seek help.
Perhaps I should have posted on the TMI thread. Ah well.

Hello to everyone!

Welcome! smooch

'Scuse me, gotta make a quick phone call for some more calamar–I mean, nothing… whistle

Hi , Welcome

We only have so many goats , calamari , oh, and someone dropped off a box of lady fingers .

Anyways , your iniation will have to be put off till at least friday , at the earliest.

Please supply latex gloves , one tabby cat , and a Tuba


You actually did the correct thing in jumping right in as that’s what 90% of us did in years past. It’s only been in the past couple months that introductory posts seem to have become the norm and while I won’t begrudge the new people their spotlight, so many threads at once is kind of annoying to scroll past.

Then again, I’m a bit of a grouch* as most anyone who knows me can tell you so I’m going to say that about a lot of things.

Anyway, welcome to the board; enjoy your stay.

*That’s a bit of an understatement.

Geez Louise…it’s a good thing Happy Harry offers bulk discounts…

And welcome aboard, dearissues! :slight_smile:


and gesundheit!

Uh huh huh. I just scratched myself without anyone noticing. Uh huheheh.

Ahuh, integent consation? Ahuhuh, yeah. Lets see. Do you tink my finger smell more like cheese or sour creem?

Welcome, n00bie! ph34r my 1337n3$$!

rips your shirt open, draws cryptic words on your chest in chicken blood, and shakes a rattle snake at you

There. Now you’re one of us!

Ladyfingers – excellent! [/Mr. Burns}


Happy Harry’s is making a mint off of us with all these newbies checking in. Have we looked into sourcing the goats and calimari ourselves, and cutting out the middleman?

Hey alright another 20 year old dropout. Well I’ll be one in a week. Welcome aboard. Since we’re both slackers wanna go for a drink?

Ahhh, inclusion. How sweet!

Thanks for the welcoming, everyone. I’ve got everything but the tuba ready, and I’ve been begging my Mom for it for days, and she just won’t relent. Can I borrow someone else’s?! I have my own goat! Selena (or “Goat”) lives in my backyard and keeps us from having to weed-whack our hillsides. Does that help any?

Under normal circumstances, I would say yes. However, being as I still have a month until I’m 21, and you’re not 21, and my aforementioned pathological liar of a roommate called the cops on me last weekend for underage consumption, and I almost went to jail… (phew, gotta take a break, outta breath). Anyhow, some other time? :slight_smile:

As a recent inductee, may I humbly suggest that you look up the entry “felching” in Wikipedia.
And wear old clothes. Like, the “burnable-afterwards” kind.

A word to the wise! shudders

Hey at least we give you a felching straw.

What, you didn’t get a felching straw? ewwww, gross.

I just developed a straw phobia. :eek: I think I should be exempt from this part of initiation. It could be damaging to what’s left of my psyche. :stuck_out_tongue:

dearissues, be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, else I’d have never know of this quaint-sounding hamlet. :slight_smile:

::runs nekkid through thread::

[sub]I hate when it rains.[/sub]

Welcome, dearissues!

I hoe you enjoy it here. Lots of stimulating converation, great ideas, and…

:: looks around, sees iampunha’s wet footprints ::

…other stuff. :slight_smile:

:: waves at the rest of the crew ::

Okay, Kyth, I’ve got your calamari right here–

:: a quick flash of tentacular motion ::

Uh oh

ROCK splash Eh?
THUMP Cr-splooosshhhh

Aw crap!

:: pulls alarm on wall ::
:: sirens start to blare ::


:: a mechanical announcement ::

Code puce! Code puce!
There has been an Unanticipated Excursion on level three. Guest Services to Action State Beta.
There has been an Unanticipated Excursion on level three. Guest Services to Action State Beta.
Threat Team to Ready Room. Threat Team to Ready Room.
Code puce!

[sub]I don’t think a toilet plunger or salad tongs is going to help this time…[/sub]