I see an Ice Cream Cone and I Want to Paint it Black...

For those of you feeling too bright and chipper today, we can turn down your optimism with the ultimate in dreary sweet confections


It does look awesome. I’d try one.

The problem with foods dyed like that is they make your shit purpley, which is not something I am prepared to deal with first thing in the morning.

Unlike the black burger in Japan that looked frightening, this does look kinda cool and I’d try it.

It needs to be dipped in red syrup, simulating blood.

That’s often the case when they make black by mixing individual colors together. According to the story, this ice cream gets its black color from charcoal, which is an intrinsically black, non separating colorant.

So it’d make your poop black, too. Not purple.

Not a HuffPo link? I’m completely devastated.

Next you will be linking to the Daily Mail or something.

Moving this to CS because it’s about ice cream.

Black ice cream is nothing new here in Finland, it’s usually just flavored with salty liquorice instead. YMMV if you like that stuff.

Had Rosemary ice cream last night at a beer-food pairing, which was nice. A few weeks ago the same chef served blue cheese ice cream, which was amazing.

Not ALL of my links are to the HuffPo. In fact, most of them aren’t. But they frequently have wonderful weird stuff.

It looks interesting but what, pray tell, does almond-charcoal taste like? Is the charcoal strictly for the color? Are there other foods that have charcoal as a main ingredient? Also, I’m not one to be particularly interested one way or the other about the color of my poop but I think I’d be more distressed if it was jet black as opposed to purple or green.

Ask and you shall receive – The Current Charcoal fad in foods:

**Charcoal Is the Latest Food Trend: But Is It Safe?

We asked health experts to weigh in on the craze. **

<<<<<----- Not the HuffPost!

For a dissenting view on the results (although not disputing the facts):http://boingboing.net/2017/04/27/see-you-in-9-months.html

Thanks, Cal. That answers another question I had, which is if it stains your teeth (apparently it does). This will make for some nifty snacks come Halloween time.

When I first saw this story, I automatically assumed the pitch black colored would be flavored licorice rather than charcoal almond because I too have seen black licorice ice cream before.

CSB time: I’ve never had black licorice ice cream but my father did. Once. He took two bites and threw it away. That was the only time I’d seen him never finish an ice cream cone. The fact he liked black licorice made think that the combination of the two didn’t work.

It’s for fans of burnt toast.

Speaking of which, I saw someone on PBS making toast flavored ice cream not long ago. It looked pretty great. If I had an ice cream machine I’d make some and report back. Anybody tried it, or even know what I’m talking about?

Hmm… according to wikipedia, common side-effects of activated charcoal include “vomiting, black stools, diarrhea, and constipation.”

So, still better than a unicorn frappuccino, I guess?

I, for one, would rather poop black than fart rainbows.

Is “I see an ice cream cone and I want to paint it black” the title of a song?

'Cause if it’s not, it should be.