I Sing a Song of the Saints of Og

Since it’s All Hallows Even, the eve of All Saints Day, and a bit of pure devilry got into me last night, I can’t resist.

*Bodoni, of course.

There are others whose names I couldn’t get to scan, and it was a tough choice between Esprix and Wally. Have at it, Dopers, name your favorite Saints of the SDMB, and, while I’m at it, why not what they’re patrons of? Me, I’ll see if I can torture another verse or two. Oh yes:

Qadgop: Patron of doctors and prisons, of course.
Lynn Bodoni: Patron of trolls and people in meltdowns
Polycarp: Religious liberals
Wally: Putzes.


SkipMagic: Patron Saint and Mystically Evil Protector of auntie em’s sweet, sweet (and somewhat fiendish) luuuv.

CJ, I think you need ‘Esprix’ instead of ‘a Lynn’ to make the rhyme scheme work.
BTW, I think OG SMASH would be a great vanity plate. Absolutely no one would know what it was about, other than Dopers.

I’m surprised my name wasn’t in that little jingle!

Talk about deja vu!

I swear I saw this in another life.

btw, I’m self appointed saint of hijacks and non-sequiturs.


Honored, as always.


Great! I finally decide to quit my pout with the church and go back. So, I’m going Sunday. All Saints Sunday. The one Sunday where the odds are pretty even that that hymn will be trotted out. Twice this week there are parodies of it on the SDMB. Ain’t no way I’m gonna make it through it without getting cracked up. Thanks a heap!

The fun part is, tonight I’m going to sing both versions to a friend who’ll be there Sunday also. It’s nice to have somebody to crack up with.
Rue DeDay - Patron saint of threads that get hijacked.

FairyChatMom - Patron saint of chain saws, bubble bath and -age words.

Exgineer - Patron saint of hand dipped chocolates and angel pants.

welby - patron saint of drywall and Saturday morning beer drinking.

swampbear, then you need to read this thread, in which masonite wtoe a parody of the song just for lil ol’ me.:stuck_out_tongue:


All Saints will never be the same!

How about:

Johnny L.A. - patron saint of motorcyclists

Sister Coyote - patron saint of photographers

Cecil Adams - patron saint of invisibility

OpalCat - patron saint of the third line in a list

Michael Ellis - Patron Saint of Running Gags

In honor of you sig, 'sprix, perhaps you could be Patron Saint of Enlightening Would-Be Homophobes?

And Guin can be the patron saint of giant dragons that stomp around a lot, move at great speed, and have staring red eyes.

You ought to see what that medal looks like!

The Dopeistani Order of Bastards’ recent battle song -originally against Farkistan, but then diverted into the Pacific.

Tell me who you are, lad, and tell me who’s your clan
Tell me what you fight for, and where you make your stand
I’ll tell you what it feels like to be forever young
I’ll tell you what it feels like to be one with Angus Og

I am one with Angus Og and I say, “Og ga smash!”
I am Aonghus Og, I’m a Celtic God of Love
While you fight your battles, I watch on from above
And if your heart is true and strong and steadfast you remain
I’ll cleanse your broken body so that you might fight again
I am Angus Og, Eggheads is my king
I danced with the English when he led me to the ring
I fight not for honor, wealth, or glory for my name
I fight for freedom only, which no true man shall disdain

I am Aonghais Og, I am chieftain of my clan
I fight for independance from monarch’s greedy hands
I’ve slaughtered earl’s armies when they got in my way
And reaffirmed my title down by the Bloody Bay

I am of Clan Og, I’m a fighter on this field
I am prepared for battle, are you prepared to yield
I am one with Angus, his immortal sword I wield
I’ll walk away the victor; you’ll be carried on your shield

I am of Clan Og, there’s a fire in my head
The Battle Rage is on me. Am I alive or dead?
If in battle I should fall and a cold stone bear my name
I’ll tell the marshall in Tyr-Nan-Og, “It’s Only Just A Game!”

I’ll tell the marshall in Tyr-Nan-Og, “It’s Only Just A Game!”

My favorite All Saints’ Day hymn is “For all the Saints who from their labors rest” (which may be familiar to Anglican / Episcopalian Dopers):
For all the saints of the esS Dee eM Bee
To all the mods, and Slug and Ed Zot-ti
Our awe, and grat-i-tude and praises be
Gotcha-a-a ya-a, Go-o-otcha ya-a!

A fog of damn fool war on our world lays
Enlight’ning beams yet pierce the gloomy haze
Ah, they’re Nine-teen Twent-ies Style Death Rays!
The duck’s qua-ack echoes, the-e duck’s quack echoes.

This ain’t the Pit, so I had best not curse
To threat-en a member would be even worse
There is no con-tent here, in thi-is third verse
Hi O-o-opal!, Hi-i-i-i Opal!

(add extra verses, brass fanfare, or organ bridge here)

From fifty states, and lands from A through Z
With mis-sing dollars, and words that end in -gry
Fi-ighting Ign’rance since Nineteen Seventy-y Three!
All hail the-e Dopers, a-all hail Great Cecil!

Antonius Block, that was great! I expect we will be singing it tomorrowat my church(Grace Episcopal Cathdral) But it’s not just “God’s Chosen Frozen” that sing it. I grew up Lutheran and they have it too.

By the way, sing the thread I linked to a few posts back, I have been trying to assemble song parodies, set to hymn tunes, that have appeared on the SDMB. Could I include yours in the “SDMB Hymnal” I have been arranging? And does anyone else remember links to others I may have overlooked?

There once was a sticky in Cafe Society about posting all the lyrics to song titles; it was the only sticky to ever get into Threadspottings.

So who’s the Patron Saint of Death Rays?

Thanks, baker, I’m flattered! [blushes.] Mmy first hymn parody!

Hey, you and I share a church name! You’re in Topeka, Kansas, right? I attend Grace Cathedral in San Francisco when I’m able to. I won’t make it for All Saints’ Day tomorrow due to mobility problems, but they broadcast the service via streaming audio on the Web, so I can sing along while lying down at home with my cat on my chest. The service leaflet is available in PDF each week, so I don’t have to make up words to the hymns as I go along! Anyone interested can click on this link.

Sounds good to me, NoClueBoy!