I smell good enough to drink...

I just got home from work. And I just noticed I have a pleasant, slow-roasted espresso aroma about me. One of the many perks to working in a coffeehouse. Man, I smell good.
My hands, my clothes, my hair…sweet espresso.
May sound odd to some, but I dig it.
So, it begs the question…ever smelled unusual and liked it?

Once after a really hard work-out I smelled just like fried pork tenderloin… I didn’t like it.

The rest of time, everyone says I smell like patchouli… even tho’ I don’t wear anything even close to patchouli.

So, does anyone besides me want a triple shot of struuter? :wink:

Probably one of my favorite smells is that of a coffee shop, so you, my dear struuter, are lucky you aren’t within licking distance.

And it’s good to see you, too. In your absence, I’ve had my first knish (!) and thought of you the whole time.

Pork tenderloin? There’s got to be a naughty comment in there somewhere…

And shame on you, Simetra, because you know very well I can’t pass up a chance to flirt…
Can you handle three straight shots? Or should I steam your milk a little?

Damn. Am I lucky?

Struuter M’dear, you left yourself wide open (so to speak), but I’ll ignore it with dignity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, strange as it may sound, I liked it when I came home from a long day on the flightline and smelled like jet exhaust. But then I also like the smell of creosote, 90 weight and new tires.

I know.

Maybe I’d like to try it iced with a little sweet syrup. :wink:

Welcome back, btw. :slight_smile:

After I walk through the perfume department at Lord & Taylor’s, I smell like a French whorehouse . . .

I guess that all depends: are you going to be at any DopeFests anytime soon?

And since I missed the actual question of the OP the first time, I can not really recall any time that I smelled “unusual,” per se, though I sometimes seem to amplify the scent of Irish Spring after a shower, making it seem almost as though I found it in a cologne form or something.

Back when I was salmon fishing I used to reek of diesel. Every night I went to bed I layed my head on a diesel-scented pillow and and may as well have been using diesel-scented deodorant. I didn’t care for it at first but now when I smell it it makes me long for the good old days.

Not so strange, Vestal. My mother always liked to love around on my dad when he’d mowed the lawn. Drove him nuts because he was all sweaty. She said she liked the smell of freshly cut grass on him, but I think it also had something to do with the fact that she liked the yard to look nice.

And I may be setting myself up by adding this (if so, so be it), but I love how a man smells after he’s grilled steaks.

: Standing next to my Weber, with a “Kiss the Cook” apron on :

So, dear struuter, would you like yours rare or well done?

(I would just like to preface this by stating that you asked for it)
I like mine juicy…so it melts in my mouth.

I sometimes dry herbs from my garden (when I’m not living in an apartment :frowning: ) over a very low fire of hickory or mesquite. I like smelling faintly of woodsmoke and herbs.

struuter, I’m not a big coffee fan…but you might be able to convert me. :wink:

If not, there’s always Eve. I’ve never smelled a French whorehouse before…

You know, Balance, I’ve never smelled a french whorehouse either, but according to my mother just about every perfume smells like one.

Herbs and woodsmoke? Mmmmmm, that does sound good. But then, I always did like the heady aroma of Autumn bonfires. And incense.

Maybe I should offer myself to Eddie Izzard? I hear he likes his women like his coffee.

Hiked the appalachian trail a couple of years ago…
6 months in the same clothes.

The odd thing is that you don’t really notice it after about a month.

Three months into it, you feel like something is missing if you don’t smell rank.

That’s odd, because once I walked through a French whorehouse and came out smelling nothing like Lord & Taylor’s. :smiley:

And struuter, I like my espresso with whipped cream on it :wink:

I just bet you do. Hmmmm.
BTW, welcome from me to you, dentarthurdent.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: Have fun, but behave yourself and don’t stay out too late.