I sold my house!

Just got a call from my realtor. I’m about to be homeless, sorta.

We listed our house last Tuesday. A young couple came by to see it on Saturday. They came back on Sunday. They wrote an offer Monday, and we countered Monday night. Today they accepted our counter.

*We sold our house!!! :D:D:D

<tossing confetti with wild and reckless abandon>*

And one of the best parts of the deal, the buyers will let us stay till May 31 - we’ll lease back for about 2 months. So I can get the kid graduated and moved into her apartment in Orlando without making an intermediate stop in a short-term rental. Whew!

happy dance

woo hoo!

I recommend you eat chocolate. (Hey, you were nice enough to recommend it for a broken ankle – it’s the least I can do to suggest it as a way of celebrating a nice, fast sale of your house.)

So – do you have to clean the carpets?

We countered asking for more money, and scratching the carpet cleaning and pressure washing of the siding. And they accepted. We could possibly get more money, but right now having this settled is worth a few thousand.

I think both parties are doing OK in this deal. I’m just thrilled to have it done.

Of course, this assumes there are no problems with inspections. But the house isn’t even 4 years old, and we’ve had a termite contract from the start. Should be a piece of cake.


What a relief! One week? That must be one snazzy abode.

More a matter of the right person coming by at the right time. We were on the market for about 5 months starting last summer and after 30+ folks tramped thru, we had nary an offer. But the sign hasn’t been out a week, and this couple just happened to be driving by.

It’s a nice little house, but nothing too special. Except that it’s a rare Florida house with a basement. But best of all, it’s sold!!


May the termite fairies never, ever visit your new house!

Realtor just left - hubby and I signed and initialled (me in person, he via fax) and she’s taking the papers over to the other agent. Once that gets signed, we’re locked.

We’ve got an inspection and an appraisal coming and I just make one more mortgage payment, then two rent payments.

I’m taking the kid out to dinner - we’re celebrating!!

Oh, you’re homeless but I’ll bet you’ll find money for booze or smokes.

Either that or you’re mentally ill.

Just don’t be begging me for any change.


That was fast. It’s great that you are able to stay there for the rest of the school year so you don’t have to worry about moving in the midst of getting everything ready for graduation for your daughter.
Again, Congrats!!!

Well, I don’t smoke and I hardly ever drink. The jury’s still out regarding my mental health.

And I’d never ask for spare change. Paper money is so much easier to carry… :smiley:

Way to go!

:: Pours Dr. Pepper into champagne glasses ::

A toast!!! To FCM’s ex-house!

But, but that means you’re leaving Florida!

You can’t go! You can’t! Who’s going to eat my fudge brownies at the next Orlandope??

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Wish I could sell mine. I’m about ready to find a St. Joseph statue to mail back to my mother-in-law to bury in the front yard, and I’m a Lutheran.

You’ll just have to set the next Orlandope before June. Or you can unofficially adopt my daughter when she’s living down there and she’ll help you eat the brownies!! :smiley:

Send some of that house mojo my way, will you?

The Chance Estate hits the market 2/20/04.

Unless you’re looking to buy…

YIPEE! Congratulations!

You’re absolutely right, the right buyer has to come along at the right time. Of course, having your house appropriately priced is always a great help.

We were lucky last spring too. When we countered we offered to leave the fridge (for some odd reason she REALLY wanted it), if she waived the inspection. She took us up on it. As I told you in an earlier post (when you took a picture of your bedroom), the house went up for sale on a Tuesday morning, and was sold by Thursday at 11:00 a.m.

I am so glad things worked out for you! :smiley:

Sorry - no dice! We’ve already got our property down in southern Md and I’ve been designing the house we’re going to build. As soon as we get our check at closing, I’m hoping we can get the foundation work started on the new place. I guess, tho, first thing we have to decide is what kind of foundation we want.

But good luck selling your estate! I should probably wish you the right buyer to show up on the first day with a check. But it won’t be me…

We should get our copies of all the papers this afternoon. The buyers want a home inspection and there’s a termite inspection required, plus the appraisal. I’m not worried about any of those because the house is less than 4 years old. I need to sell the entertainment center because none of us want it any more, and my daughter’s desk because it’s too big for her future apartment. The rest of the excess furniture goes into storage.

Four months to go…

Woohoo!!! Ain’t it great to get somethin’ like that out of the way so fast?Good deal with getting to stay til ThePerfectChild[sup]TM[/sup] graduates. Geez, and I thought it was wondrous w hen the house I had before the current swampden sold in only two months.

So, am I hired to do the interior decorating for your new place? :smiley:

Sure, swampy, you can be our decorator. But only if you go overboard with the stereotypical gay stuff in your clothing and mannerisms - waaaaay over the top is absolutely required. I can’t have my new neighbors wondering “Did they hire a gay decorator? I really can’t tell, but he sorta seems that way.”

No, I can’t put the neighbors thru that. You need to go all out. You might want to work on some affected speechifying, too. And show up driving a really gay car!

Is it a deal??? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, decorating is so far down the list of stuff to do at this point, I haven’t given it any thought. We’re still trying to decide how to approach the basement and foundation of the new house. The only thing I’ve decided for sure is that the master bedroom is going to be painted a dark color! I hate my repainted bedroom, so the next one will be cosy and den-like.

Um, forget my first sentence - you can’t be our decorator. It’s just too scary a thought. You can send a tasteful candy dish or something and I promise we’ll bring it out every time you visit. How’s that?


Girlfriend, if you want gay you got it. I’ll be faaaabulous all over the place. I’ll show up in a lavender (or pink) Caddy just covered in rainbow stickers. I’ll put little blond highlights in my hair. I’ll wear silk shirts in pastel colors and tight shiny pants. I’ll spread yards and yards of fabric all over and us words like “taupe” “fuschia” “meringue” “periwinkle” when referring to the colors. I’ll agonize over wallpaper samples and carpet swatches in full view of the neighbors. We could even get into a screaming match in the front yard right in front of the neighbors over lighting fixtures if ya want. “But, daaaaaaahling, you simply must have wall sconces in the dining room. Eveeeeryboddddy who is annnnnnnyboddddddddy is doing it these days. Oh my deeeeeeear they are so tres chic! I’ll simply die right here right now on this very spot if we can’t have them!”

Ya want a show for the neighbors, I got the show for ya! It’ll be a hoot! A scream! The gay decorator from hell! And of course all the neighbors will want me to redo their homes because after all “if he’s that gay he must be good.” :smiley: