I start a new job next week!

I posted a few months ago about going to my first job interview in some time. Well the Australian Public Service, moving with their usual speed and efficiency has today let me know that I was unsucessful in my application.

Funny thing is I knew this six weeks ago. The director of the unit I applied to called me to let me know I didn’t get the job (they didn’t think I had enough experience at the level I was applying for - I can agree with that to an extent).

However, I did so well at the interview that they created a new position for me and then ‘headhunted’ me for the Department :smiley: Its a lower level than the job I applied for but above my current level.

So that commences on Monday and tomorrow is my last day at my current work-place. You know, I’m really happy to be starting a new job, its a great career move, is only 4km from where I live rather than the 30km drive I have now and the work facilities are great - gym, restaurant, near the local shopping mall/library/lake.


damn…I’m going to miss my workmates.

I’ve been there 6 1/2 years, 4 of those in a small, very close group of people who have become some of my best friends.

Tomorrow is going to be a very bitter-sweet day. :frowning:


It’s okay to “get something in your eye” when you say goodbye to people you’re close to – I’m sure they’ll be experiencing an equal mix of happiness for their mate’s good forutnue and sadness that you’re leaving.


I’m very, very impressed. How often does someone create a new post so they can hire a person they liked?