I start a new job today.

It is part-time, but could eventually lead to full-time employment. I will be weekend resident assistant at a halfway house for recovering female alcoholics. Today I will be job shadowing from 3-11 PM. Next week I will be learning the receptionist job for two days so I can take over for her when she is gone the following week. After that it will be mostly weekends, and filling in for others from time to time.

I had an interview for full-time work at a property management company this morning at 9 AM, and have another interview somewhere else next Tuesday.

I am excited, but nervous. I have been on the point of replying to other threads today and can’t think of anything to say because I keep thinking about this first day on the job. So, to all those whose threads I didn’t reply to: Gundy, Ruffian, and Scylla, to name just a few, hugs and good luck, and maybe I’ll be able to think tomorrow.

Wish me luck, whoever is so inclined! Thanks!

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Wow! What a really cool job. . .from what I know of you(extreamly caring individual), this job seems perfect for you. Congrats and hugs and here’s a 4-leafed-clover for good luck. :wink:

A pro like you needing luck? Don’t think so–you’ll knock 'em dead!


Not that you need it, but good luck anyway.

My new job (promotion) finally went full time recently. I’d been mainly doing my old job until the division manager complained that the section I’m in now wasn’t getting enough done!

I’m on my way out the door. Tomorrow morning I will probably post a little bit of what it is like (but nothing that would compromise confidentiality, of course).

Congratulations, Spider Woman! Hope your first day went well! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Spider Woman!! I know how long you’ve been looking :slight_smile:

BTW, is this WomanHouse you’re talking about? There’s a great bunch of people there…

Good luck :slight_smile:

Congrats Spider Woman!

I hope it went well - and good luck on the upcoming interviews too. I just ended 6 weeks of job searching and I know the distraction of which you speak.

And thanks for the good wishes. Thanks also to ////AudreyK\\, ////chique\\, and ////slackergirl\\.

slackergirl, did you find a job after the six weeks?

chique, glad to see you back.

The name of the place is Journey Home. It is for women only but is a medical facility for recovering alcoholics. It is not affiliated with Woman House, which I believe is now called Anya Marie’s. (That is another place I applied.)

I think I will like the job, although there is a lot to learn. One of the things to do every night is check the temperature of every refrigerator and its freezer, to make sure it is within health regulations (under 10[sup]o[/sup] for the freezers and between 32[sup]o[/sup] and 40[sup]o[/sup] for refrigerators. Also, a resident assistant answers the phones and works the security system door. So far so good.

The more complex stuff is logging medication and behaviors. You have to make notes about the behavior of all twenty residents (and possibly some of their children), and make sure they do their chores.

The chores list is something I checked last night, and I apparently didn’t read it carefully enough. I checked all the common areas, which are assigned to different people daily or weekly. But I hadn’t read the part about checking the bedrooms and bathrooms. I was supposed to have checked if their beds were made and their rooms were clean, whether or not they were there (I had been given a set of keys). This part will bother me, because I consider it to be somewhat an invasion of privacy, and not treating people like adults. But I will abide by the rules of the home, and do it in the future, now that I realize I was supposed to have done it.

I like the woman who trained me in, and all the residents and their kids, and they have a cute little dog, too, who lives in the counselors’ offices.

I’m finally re-employed part-time, and this could some day lead to other full-time employment with the hospital!


congratulations. it sounds like you are off to a good start.

Yup, I signed the offer letter yesterday morning and will start on April 2. I’m now a technical writer for an interactive television company.

Congrats, S. Woman! :smiley:

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Your charming, serene personality could only help in the treatment of others in emotional turmoil.

Best of luck, and congrats.



Go get 'em Spider Woman!!

A job in the recovery field, no less!!! A woman after my own heart!

Something pretty cool just happened. The woman who was training me last night called to say she thought I had done a really good job, and that she would have gone with me to check the chores list, had she not had to do process papers for a new resident. She said she would not have expected me to read the “fine print” about checking chores, and that she herself is not a dicatator when it comes to the chores. This is a place for recovery and not a prison.

So I am pretty happy about that.


And thanks also to Rysdad (you made me blush) and dantheman, for your good wishes!

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How nice to hear such good news is abounding at the boards. I don’t know how I missed this thread.

Congratulations to my favorite SD Arachnid! It’s good to hear that your talents are already being recognized.

You too slackergirl! I’m glad that you’ve latched onto something good <insert gratituitous Snooooopy reference here>.

[cryptic note]

I guess that good things happen in threes as well.

[/cryptic note]

PS: Hope things are going well with your new position Jack Batty!

Yay Spider Woman!! It definitely seems to fit that a person as nice as you would have a job helping people in their times of need. Congrats, and best of luck!

Congratulations, Spider Woman!

Isn’t it great to be doing something more akin to that ol’ psych degree. :wink:

<hugs & kisses>

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So how’s your job going, Zenster?