I suggest The SDMB All-Time Television Awards

I can’t imagine that something like this hasn’t been done before, but I did a couple of searches and can’t find it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I propose that we, the denizens of Cafe Society, having in our possession enough pop-culture knowledge and expertise to choke a Gomtuu, are in a unique position to determine once and for all the answer to a question of earth-shattering importance:

What’s, like, the best T.V. ever?

I’ll post some categories, and we can all cast votes. I’ll do the math (others are welcome to check, of course) and in, say, a couple of weeks, I’ll post the winners. Sounds fun?

Here’s the nuts and bolts:

Nomination Phase:
I’ll post a list of categories similar to the Emmy’s, Golden Globes or SAG awards. Anyone who wants to can make a nomination for any or all categories. I’ll tabulate all the nominations off-line, and at a pre-set date, we call the nominations closed and I’ll post the short lists of (say) 6-8 nominees in each category.

The difference between these awards and the annual award shows is that we can draw from the entire history of television. So in terms of, for example, “Best Single Episode, Dramatic Series”, you could have “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” up against “Two Cathedrals”, “Home” and … I don’t know… that episode of Dukes Of Hazard where Roscoe thought that Bo and Luke had drowned. That was pretty good.

Voting Phase
Once the nominations are up, we allow two weeks for voting. Again, I’ll tabulate all the votes, and at the end of the period, I’ll announce the winners. Champagne all around, and an after party at Fred Savage’s house.

So tell me, please…

Sound like fun?
Sound like a decent format?
What should the categories be?
How long should the nomination/voting phases be?
Should we vote in the threads, or in secret (voters could send private messages to me. Secret voting could increase the … uh … anticipation, I guess.)

Whaddya think?

Sounds like fun. Category suggestions, just off the top of my head:

Best season-long story arc
Best romantic couple
Worst romantic couple
Best non-Bartlett TV U.S. President
Worst U.S. President
Best spaceship captain
Worst spaceship captain
Best one-liner
Best mother
Best father
Worst mother
Worst father
Best non-Rockford private detective
Best police detective
Best cowboy
Best setting
Best bar/tavern
Best sidekick
Wackiest money making scheme

I may think of some others.

Best non-Rockford private detective: Lance White :smiley:

Best PBS show for middle-school aged children. (I"m real into Ruff Ruffman these days – but what was the math one about 15 years ago?)

I suggest Best gruff/grouchy character.
Possible candidates:

Ed Asner - Lou Grant (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Redd Foxx - Fred Sandford (Sanford and Son)
Hugh Laurie - House (House)
Ted Danson - Becker (Becker)
Kurtwood Smith - Red (That 70s Show)
Daniel von Bargen - Commandant Edwin Spangler (Malcolm in the Middle)
Brenda Wehle - Lavernia (Malcolm in the Middle)
William Frawley - Fred Mertz (I Love Lucy)
Ken Jenkins - Dr. Bob Kelso (Scrubs)
John C. McGinley - Dr. Perry Cox (Scrubs)

Just thought of 3 more:
Jennifer Saunders - Edina Monsoon (AbFab)
Joanna Lumley - Patsy Stone (AbFab)
Julia Sawalha - Saffron Monsoon (AbFab)

Don’t forget:

Dabney Coleman- Bill Bittinger (Buffalo Bill)
Dabney Coleman- Otis Drexell (Drexell’s Class)
Dabney Coleman- Jack Buckner (Madman of the People)
Dabney Coleman- Slap Maxwell (The Slap Maxwell Story)

What he lacks in quality, he makes up in quantity. (Heck, IMO, he was actually good even when the show wasn’t.)

Best romantic couple—Rob & Laura Petrie, played by Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler MooreThe Dick Van Dyke Show
Best spaceship captain–Commander Adama, Lorne Green Battlestar Galactica:TOS

Best Series Finale, Sitcom Category: Newhart.

Any of these three gets my vote.

For Best Grouchy Character, Guest-Starring Role: Adam, Northern Exposure.



Genra: Best Sci Fi, Best Western, Best Detective, Situation Comedy, etc.
Best leading actor
Best Supporting Actor

A month.

Vote in secret, discuss or argue in another thread.

Thanks, 'Plant. Exactly the answers I was looking for.

I do want to have a mix of ‘traditional’ categories and some of the more fun ones. zamboniracer has a bunch of good suggestions.

I think what I’ll do is leave this for a couple of days, and hopefully get some more feedback from the regular work-week crowd, and then by the end of the week I’ll open the official ‘nomination’ thread, which will have the list of categories. That will say how long the nomination phase will last, and the procedure (secret or open) for nominations.

Cool! Looking forward to this.


That was SQUARE ONE, best known for its daily segment MATHNET

I suggest best dumb/slow/dense character.

Possible nominees:
Coach (Ernie Pantusso), Cheers
Woody Boyd, Cheers
Kelly Bundy, Married With Children
Randy Hickey, My Name Is Earl
Tardy Turtle, Greg the Bunny
and possibly Homer Simpson, though his mental level varies from season to season or even within an episode

How About:

Longest Running Checkov’s Gun
Longest Period between Romantic Interest and Dating
Most Screwed Over by the Network
Most Screwed Over in Translation
Least Funny ‘Joke’
Best Quality Change between Seasons
Worst Quality Change between Seasons


Most Unusual Genre Change
Funniest ‘Breather’ Episode
Most Annoying Wesley/Scrappy

That will get my vote too.
This could be fun thwartme.

All time awards: I think there should be many sub-catergories.
Sit-Coms could have catergories like these …
Early: Lucy, Honeymooners, Burns and Allen Show, Etc.
Supernatural: Bewitch, I Dream of Jeanie, Munsters, Adams Family, Etc.
Workplace: Cheers, Night Court, Taxi, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Barney Miller, Wings, Drew Carey etc.
Wartime: MAS*H, Sgt. Bilko, Hogan’s Heroes, McHale’s Navy etc.
Early Family: Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, Make Room for Daddy, Ozzie and Harriet etc.
Middle Family: All in the Family, Jeffersons, One Day at a Time, Family Ties etc.
Later Family: Everybody love Raymond, Roseanne, etc.
Cutting Edge: All in the Family, I Love Lucy,
Friends: Odd Couple, Friends, Seinfeld, Kate and Allie
Sci-Fi Sitcoms: Third Rock, My Favorite Martian, Etc.


Well just another idea for more awards.

More suggestions for categories:

Best ensemble performance in a drama/comedy/etc
Best opening credits (never mind if the show itself is meh)
Best set design/ Best art direction

Ooh, fun!

Edit to add: Best props: Those flashlights in the X-Files come to mind

Maybe we could just go ahead and call that the “Joss Whedon Metal of Honor” so that other deserving shows (like “Freaks and Geeks”) have a shot.

I second that.