I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

Me, too. Humid here, smacks you right in the face.

Do tell, what are your kittehs doing? Hiding inside? In and out, in and out?

Howdy Y’all! As I said it would this mornin’, much sloth has ensued today. We went to the hog trough Golden Corral for N.O,L. and then went to the pharmacy so I could pick up a 'script. Just as soon (for reals) as we got back in da cave, the bottom fell out of the sky for a good hour. That helped greatly with nappage. It has rained off and on all day and we had a tboomer come through bout half an hour ago. Hasn’t exactly cooled things off however. Way hyooooooooomid out!

Nellie glad you had a great time with the family.

red that kinda sucks. May you find a better gig soonest.

MetalMouse glad you had a good train trip. I take it you will wing it home from Miami?

We have decided to refer to the shredder as “The Mechanical Cat” in honor of Alex Catt.

That sucks, but good luck on the job serch.


Can I just say that hiccups suck ass? 45 minutes.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

< scares VanGo >
Hope that helped.

Dang, red! Sending great-new-job-thoughts your way…

Up, dressed, and un-deodorized ahead of my mammogram. I’m hoping that 8:00 is the first appointment of the day so I’ll be in and out quickly. FCD sees his knee guy at 8:30 but timing and locations are such that we can’t go to Leonardtown together. Daughter still has my car (not sure what the deal is with her repair) so I’ll be taking the truck. I’m going to swing by Food Lion after and get some spinach - shrimp florentine for supper!

Other than that, I’m not sure what the day will hold. Maybe I’ll finally crawl under the kiln and see what it’s going to take to fix the kiln vent line. FCD has already told me he’s working all weekend - guess I’ll play in clay while he’s occupied. I really should give the bathroom a good cleaning, but I do so hate that chore. Maybe tomorrow??

Meanwhile, caffeination continues till I have to head to the hospital. Happy Firday!!

Sending the very best good job vibes your way, red. That really does suck!

Yesterday was damn busy; another 12.5 hour day. The good news is that today is Friday.

My weekend will be busy. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment and I need to lay in supplies for the grandkids who will be spending time with us on Sunday. I also need to get my usual chores done. Sunday, the grandkids will be dropped off while their parents go do something to celebrate their anniversary. Adam, the youngest is crawling and walking with the assistance of anything that he can hang on to, so we’ll be busy corralling him and keeping Zoe, the toddler entertained. It’ll be fun!

I also have to drop Polar off at the vet early Sunday morning so they can assess what’s going on with him. I don’t know what time we’ll have to pick him up, but it may be that my husband has to do it if the grandkids are here.

I will probably steam clean the little hallway carpet that runs from the entry to the kitchen and den. Polar likes to take his treats there to eat, and there are spots there now. Plus, he was running around in the wet part of the garden and tracked mud/bark all over the carpet there when he came running through the kitchen and into the den. I call that his Kramer entrance. Most of his entrances into the house from the backyard are like that.

I’ll probably have to log onto my work computer at some point this weekend. I am hoping not, but I have so much to do and even working the long days isn’t helping because of all the new stuff that crops up.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN I was a slugabed until almost eight a.m.! :sleeping_bed: ‘Tis 77 Amurrkin out and N.O.S. with a predicted high of 91 with a 49 percent chance of rain. Who knows what that might mean. The big item on today’s agenda is the funeral for my friend Sylvia who as you all may recall, died a couple of weeks ago. The funeral is at three p.m. I shall ush so must be there no later than two. However, I shall go over to the church house and back to da cave before then as I need to attend to a couple of church janitor Junior Warden duties this mornin’. I shall be relieved of all that in six months. Sup is TBD but I foresee either Majik Intartoobz Pizza or a McSup.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, alack, and all sort of bother, I must needs purtify and don appropriate bein’ about the public attire. I shall also have to change again into appropriate funeralizin’ attire. I feel like a character on Downton Abbey with all this changin’ attire to suit the occasion!

Happy Firday Y’all!

Well, poop.

On my way to my mammogram, the check engine light came on in the truck. Dammit. I called about taking it in, but daughter’s Rogue won’t be ready till Moanday (getting parts has become a major fiasco for our car guy) and she’s got my car… anyway, I don’t need wheels, plus FCD’s car is here if I or we need to go somewhere. So the plan is we’ll take the truck over and pick up the Rogue (with luck) on Moanday morning.

While they’re checking out the truck, I’ll get them to replace the wiper blades (they’re not like any on our other vehicles and I can’t figure out how to take the damned things off!!) plus a part of the plastic skirting (?) on the left front has come detached, and I’m not about to lie on the ground and try to reattach it. So that piddly crap can be attended to at the same time.

Whew! What a pain! But I’m glad I took the trash and recycling earlier this week. And I’m glad we’ve got enough vehicles that we’re not in a bad spot. Still, Whew!!!

At the moment, FCD is with his knee doc. The house is still open (it got gloriously cool overnight) but I’m pretty sure I’ll be closing it up soon - upper 80s promised this afternoon. I’m not sure what I’ll do today. I should tread the mill, and I do have a half-finished afghan that needs attention. So we shall see how everything goes.

This is a test:
\color{red}{\text{this is a test}}
\color{blue}{\text{this is a test}}
\color{green}{\text{this is a test}}
So, we can encolorate text after all, but it’s a rather messy process.

This is the coding, but remove the initial x.

x$\color{red}{\text{this is a test}}$

I just created a .doc with the different colors entered for quick copy-and-paste…

Feel free to copy - but you have to hit Reply and copy from the window.
\color{red}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{blue}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{green}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{purple}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{orange}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{yellow}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{tan}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{gray}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{silver}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{brown}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{violet}{\text{this is a test}}

\color{indigo}{\text{this is a test}}

Ugh, red, that stinks. I hope you make it outta purgatory as quickly as possible. Like said upthread, you’re obviously needed, but they’re too cheap to pay (not that that helps you). May you find something soon.

Today is going to be super hot and sticky. Perfect day for a trip to the pool - well, perfect evening since I’ll be taking the kids after work, shrub in hand. I had no idea they (shrubs, not kids) were so ubiquitous!

For some reason that is yet to be explained, I have decided to smoke a brisket on the gas grill tomorrow. Well, actually I can explain it - our favorite BBQ joint shut down permanently, so naturally because I’ve watched YouTube videos, I’m a pit master. What? I once changed the carburetor on my lawn mower thanks to YouTube and because of it am obviously now a mechanic (yes, I kid).

Anyway, it didn’t occur to me until after I purchased the meat that I’d probably be waking up at 4 or 5 a.m. But I didn’t have any plans beyond going to the library, so no big. I also didn’t realize how seriously people took their meat until I saw that there’s apparently a huge controversy about whether to soak your woodchips or not. But then again we eat largely vegetarian, which will make this even more interesting. Wish me luck; I’ll need it. And will probably be boring the Dope with my tales of burnt brisket tomorrow.

Huh, you just read the same post I did… :wink:

Beat me too it, as I was s’posed to be irking…

It was mostly a quiet day though, so what I’ve been mainly doing is shopping round for a new laptop, as this one is developing quirks. If I’m going to be studenting again, I need a computer that doesn’t freeze randomly and has a keyboard that doesn’t require every key to be hammered with great force to work.

I hates shopping for computery stuff, I really do. It’s all confusing and there are too many different things I should know to look for, and there are far, far too many options.

So I was in Iregs most of the shift. I felt chilly. Mind you, it was t least in the 80s there.

FCM, it didn’t work. :confused:

doggio - dunno what to tell you - I can email you the .doc if you’d like and maybe that’ll work for you. There are a lot of brackets and slashes going on.

More evilness: Home Repair is Homicide by Sarah Graves

\color{red}{\text{red}} Sorry to hear about the job. Sudden changes are work are really stressful.

\color{purple}{\text{shoe}} Hope the popsicles keep helping.

And I love the word encolorate.

Preview says the colors are showing up, but the more, but it seems to be a bit weird.

I am officially on vacation. And I have a new position at work, but the same title. Because I’ll be actually doing something which matches my title. Maybe.

It’s warm today. And will be tomorrow, until it decides to go back to being a deluge. Hopefully no flooding for Switzerland and its environs, as everyone’s still cleaning up from the last ones.

And I had 5 hiccups while writing this post. How random is that?

I have messed it up several times but I WILL master it. Thank you for figuring it out!

\color{red}{\text{Red}} sorry about the job, especially the no notice part. Employers are generally bastards.

talky I have taken apart my washing machine and my dryer thanks to the interwebs. I have faith in you!

I had to magnify my screen a billion times to make sure that I didn’t delete the wrong bit, but I finally got it.

\color{purple}{\text{Shoe}} Yay! Purple. :slight_smile:

taters have fun with the grandkids.

My daughter is taking her geometry final today. We might have a dinner with my sister’s family and my parents later today. We’re still discussing that bit. If we don’t do that, we will have sole. If we do have family meetup, then I will BBQ tri-tip.

101F projected today. I object.

Walked 2.64 miles today. Two hills this time, 52 minutes 11 seconds. Average 3.04 mph.

The shrimp dish was OK, but for the life of me I don’t know where the recipe came from (it’s just hand-scribbled on a scrap of paper) - it was almost Tuscan Butter Shrimp, but without the creamy sauce, so I’m not sure where I found it. Oh well, it used up a pile of my cherry 'maters.

I had to close the house this afternoon, and we’re being promised (?) a heat wave next week - low to mid 90s and humid. ick. Despite that, I’m getting ready to order 3 tons of pellets for winter. Planning ahead.

Speaking of planning, it looks like FCD will get his second knee done the first week of November. That’s going to be the tough one - his right one - tough because he won’t be able to use it to drive for 6 weeks, so I’ll be hauling him to therapy and to work/meetings as required. Luckily, Roxy will be in school, so I won’t have to drag her along.

And just a little more planning - I’m going to make my daughter’s other preggo dress tomorrow. That should keep me out of trouble, right?

Just as I was about to head to the gym, I found my phone was almost out of juice. Turns out the plug wasn’t firmly in the wall last night when I thought it was charging. :frowning: The bright side is I’m using the time to read up here instead of waiting until later. :slight_smile:

red, I’m so sorry about your job. You’re too good for that place, though. I’d hire you in a heartbeat were I a business owner. I mean, who can’t use a smart, savvy, kind person with both class and pizzazz?

shoe, hope you’re feeling lots better by the time you read this. I wish we could donate endorphins to people who are feeling down or anxious or both. Also wish we could make your life easier in general. I’d hire you, too, and pay you a stellar salary in my imaginary business.

I shall now experiment with the color thing.

\color{red}{\text{Hey, it works!}}

\color{purple}{\text{It really does!}}

It IS kind of complicated, though. Why can’t Discourse make this easy?