I Think She Might Be Interested In Me, But.....

There is no reason at all for you to go to another post office. I’m sure that she was very flattered and that you made her day! Just smile and wink at her the next time you go in, no big deal. And you will find someone to love, someone as nice as you always does. Don’t get discouraged, you want to be sure it’s the right person for you.

I completely agree with ultress. You asked her out and it turns out she’s married. That’s no reason to avoid her. My wife tells me that she must have been thrilled that you found her attractive.

Now I’m off to ask my wife exactly what she meant;).

You’re braver than I’ve ever been, Quasi. I only wish I was as cool as you. Seriously. I’d never have the balls to do what you did.

Oh, keep going back. As long as you were nice about it she’d be crazy not to take it as a compliment. continue being your sweet self and just know she’s married. shrug No bigge, really.

I’m a cahsier and I’ve been asked out at work. The best guys are the ones who have talked to me as a person before, ask gently, take my no with a smile, and then come back and are just as sweet as they were before.

Didn’t The Little River Band do a song about me? :smiley:


Your not gonna get better advice than this. I know its nerve racking to do so but sometimes you just gotta say to yourself WTF?

Trust me even if she says no, you’ll feel so much better about yourself that you actually had the moxie to ask.

And remember confidence is your friend. good luck.