I think she's breaking up with me

[end of phone call]
Her: Well, see you in a few days.
Me: I love you.
Her: Happy new year.

That’s usually a bad sign, isn’t it?

It depends. Was it:

You: I love you.
Her: (after waiting a few moments, obvious she heard you) Happy New Year.

or was it,

You: I love you.
Her: Happy New Year (mistaking “I love you” for “Happy New Year.” You know how sometimes you expect something to be said, so you hear it, even though it was something different.)

I say that if it’s just single incident, not to worry. But if it’s another in a long list of incidents, I say sleep with her best friend or something. Your gut instint is usually right.

Hard to say. There wasn’t much of a pause. Then again I can’t remember the last time we didn’t end a phone call with “I love you”/“I love you too”.

Maybe I’m getting just a bit paranoid because my last girlfriend broke up with me not long after visiting each other’s family for the first time, and we just did that this past week. Oh well, not much I can do till I see her in a few days.

If you guy’s been dating for a while, maybe she feels as if she doesn’t have to say “I love you” after every time you speak.

Frankie J sings a song called “More than words” I think it’s a remake. Anywho, the first words are, “saying I love you are not the words I want to hear from you. It’s not that I want you not say them but if you only knew how easy it would be to show my how you fee…”

or something like that. I’m going off memory here.

Point stands that missing one “I love you” from countless others does not mean the writting’s on the wall.

Probably just misheard. When we were first dating, my husband said “I love you” to me, and I replied “I’m hungry too.” Sometimes you just don’t hear right or you’re distracted. We still laugh about that.

It depends. How long have you been together? Are things serious? They seem to be “progressing” serious, since she met your family, but how long has it been? Have you discussed a future? Just dating? Has she been distant recently? Have there been other signs that would make you feel this way?

Otherwise, you could just be being paranoid. Frankie say Relax! :wink:

I would only worry if it was reaccuring. I’ve done that myself to guys when we start drifting apart. It can be a precurser to breaking up but only if there is a pattern.

I imagine she couldn’t say “I love you” because she was pretending to talk to her mother to fool the guy she is staying with.

That’s how it works in movies.

Hmm…why wouldn’t she tell her mom she loves her?

substitute “parish priest” for “mom”

Dude, Your Toast…

Yep, it’s a remake of an Extreme song, one of their more harmonic ones.

Doesn’t sound like you have anything to worry about; I’m sure she didn’t hear you b/c she’s just worn out by being around her family this time of year. Really.

What about his toast?

If the one coversation end phrase is all you’re basing this on, then you are over reacting. But, if you’ve been having a gut feeling based on certain hard to express intagibles for a while… Well, you know your situation better than we do.

I’m a big believer in gut feelings, and if you think there was something missing or lacking in her response, you probably got something there.

We haven’t seriously discussed a future, but I thought things were going well between us. It would be exactly 6 months this weekend since we met. But she just told me she can’t see me this weekend after all. I asked (e-mail) if we need to talk and she says yes, but only after she’s thought it through. That really hurts…

Curse you, Rand McNally!!! That song (the Extreme original) is one of the top 10 worst ear-worms to rid oneself of!

scr4 ever think of just, you know…asking her?

I just said I did - I asked her if there’s something about our relationship that we need to discuss. Or do you not consider that to be the same thing?


Sorry, brother. Yeah, you can’t wish someone into feeling like you do about a relationship. Funny thing is, tho, things always work out better. May be with her later, maybe with someone else, may be you alone for a while, doesn’t matter. It WILL be better.

Hmmm … my advice would be to give her some space - don’t call her or email her - let her make the next move.

If she is feeling uncertain about your relationship, the worst thing you could do is to make her feel at all pressured.

I know it’s a horrible position that you’re in, and I wish you the best.

Yeah, that’s usually when the bottom falls out under me, too. I hope your gut instinct is wrong, but if not…hang in there.