I thought of something last night that would piss off so many people...

You know those Jesus fish that people have on their cars? And you know how some people have Darwin fish with little legs on it? And others even have the little Darwin fish being swallowed by the bigger “Truth” fish?

What if I had some Lucifer fish made up? We’ll put little devil horns and a long, pointy tail on it.

I wonder how long it would be before some well-meaning person decided to “save my soul” by ripping it off my car?


15th down on the left side

I think the “Procreate” one would do a very nice job of pissing people off…


It figures. Just when I think I have the greatest idea…


Yeah, it almost seems like everyone has thought of the good ideas

It’s very hard to be original about offending people. Now, if you were to combine the procreate fish, the Jesus fish, and the Darwin fish in just the right way…

I swear I hadn’t looked at the procreate fish when I wrote that. I guess it just goes to illustrate my point.