I walked out on my Boss

You may remember me from other MPSIMS postings including my pay being cut 25%. I am fed up with this place and just waiting for various paperwork to leave.

Word was passed this that we would have a meeting at 18.00 is our rec center. So I showed up. Informal, there are so few of us that we pushed armchairs in a circle.

Boss: “I called this meeting to address rumors. We are not going to consolidate you two in an apartment. Any questions?”

Co-Worker 1: “Will we get a post office box?”
Boss: “I don’t know.”

Co-Worker 2: What about our crewed up pay?
Boss: “I don’t know.”

Co-Worker 3: What about the pool?
Boss: “I don’t know.”

Co-worker 4: What about our health insurance?
Boss: “I don’t know.”

So I got up and left. I didn’t say anything. I just left. Nothing the guy can threaten me with. Nothing he can help me with. He seems pretty useless all in all.

Honestly, I thought it would be liberating. In fact I am such a Goody Two-Shoes I feel worried.

Hell with him. I simply do not care.

Paul in Saudi: “Do you care if I just leave now?”
Boss: “I don’t know”.

Doesn’t sound like he was full of information there.

I’m sorry you’re going through that stuff, good luck Paul.

Another voice wishing you well, Paul. Sorry to hear this mess is happening.

Thanks. I have a small fever too. I am sure that has helped put me in a surly move. Walking out like that was (for me) like going on a blue tear of cursing for most people.

Sometimes you just have to say (one way or another) “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

sounds like you did just that. Well done. I am way too old to put up with meetings where nothing is accomplished and nothing is imparted. It sounds like you’re going to a better place all 'round.

Somehow “I’m slightly irritated and I’m leaving this meeting which is about to adjourn anyway” doesn’t pack quite the same punch.

I think you missed a great opportunity to think up creative questions to receive the same answer. Such as:

Does a douchebag say “I don’t know”?
What is the average velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?
Does your wife prefer it on top or bottom?

Was he being honest or just an idiot? Was it his fault?

There’s all kinds of stupid shit going on where I work, and management doesn’t answer questions like that. They give us long speeches about how great the company is, and how great we all are, and how ‘a little shake up’ is a good thing, etc.

Which is why he didn’t speak. He let his actions speak for him. I applaud him. If more people had the nerve to walk out of meetings that are complete wastes of time, we’d all be better off, IMO.


Made me giggle. Mostly because I would be feeling the exact same way.

I hope your fever goes away quickly and your paperwork comes through super fast.

Heh - this has me picturing no meetings ever coming to a conclusion again. Very Dilbert-y.

I think it’s good for you, Paul. Sometimes we just have to do what we need to do. Honestly, what are you worried about, if the guy has no way to influence your life? Do you just feel bad that you were potentially slightly rude?

You could always say you suddenly felt nauseous and had to go somewhere to vomit… :eek:

Thank you all. I am feeling a bit better this morning. I guess I will resign today.

I think I’d have thought you were leaving because you didn’t want to be bothered with such drivel. And I think I’d have admired that so much I’d have gotten up and :smack: ollowed you out (unless I really needed my job there and that would have made me lose it, that is).

.Sorry, I don’t see how to get myself out of the quote box here.

Heck with it. I called the travel agent. I am out of here on the next available cattle class seat. That would be freakin’ 12 July!

Then I resigned effective the ninth.

At some point the PITA makes quiting worth the chance.

Is that seat in a flight to Spain? You could get to Pamplona in time to wrap Sanfermines up!

So where are you going? Do you have any plans for when you get there?

Air France, here to Chuck DeGaulle then on to Washington for two weeks, I got to sort out my taxes, then to Mexico on 1 August to do a course which winds up on 1 September, then on to (someplace) to do (something).

Will this necessitate a doper-name change?