I want to go home....


It’s 4.45pm EST (Australia) and I’ve been at work since 7am. This meant getting up at 5am and running out the door at 5.15am to get to the tram on time.

I’m bored and I want to go home. :frowning:


I was trying to think what to do to enliven the hour I have left at work. I’ve been surfing the net all day. I actually did some work (the shock, the horror). I even listened to our auditor drone on about his bad investments. Actually that was kinda fun, and to think he audits our accounts.

I opened a pack of Tea Tree/Lemon Oil Tissues and crushed them in my hand like the instructions said to release the scent - Hell I read the instructions on a box of tissues !!:eek:

Apart form the auditors drone, you day sounds a lot like mine leechbabe. But it’s home time for me now, so be consoled by the fact that you only have a little while to go!

I did the tissue thing too, except mine are sandalwood and frankinsence or something similar.

Here’s to four more days of boredom at work preluding two dys of blissful boredom at home :smiley:

Blissful Boredom at Home Mmmmmm. Yeah.

What are the sandalwood and frankinsence tissues like.

The Tea Tree and Lemon is kind like a fizzy party for your nose :slight_smile:

I think the fizzy party sounds a lot nicer than sandalwood. Don’t get me wrong, they smell nice, but it’s a bit of a distraction when blowing your nose. You want to blow, but have to sniff to smell the tissue!

Hheyyyyy, overtime! (Does it count if I’m just surfing the SDMB? :slight_smile: )

The thing that has just hit me is how hard it is to appreciate the subtle blends of the scented tissue whilst honking your horn into it!

Hmmm mysteries of greatness abound in the CIA offices.

Preview damn it.

I’m having scented tissue related esp, spoooky.

Overtime - what is overtime. I’m the idiot who is on a salary and gets paid the same each month no matter what I work :doh:

Still there is that beer fridge I havn’t visited in a while and we got 12 bottles of wine delivered on Friday :smiley:

If you two don’t stop that nattering I’ll have to separate you, ya know.
You, Tigergirl, get over the other side of the cyber-room.
And YOU Ms Leechbabe, get back to your work!
How on earth can you have a conversation debating the relative merits of Sandalwood V Tea-tree Tissues for gawsakes???

Can’t leave these kids alone for a MINUTE can ya?

Sorry Mum uh I mean kambuckta :slight_smile:

I claiming a scented tissue high leading to temporary insanity.

Hey Tigergirl did you get home ok?

I got halfway there and Leechboy rang to remind me I was meant to be attending his short works performance at uni. Poor boy I fell asleep during the first half of the show so I missed the playlet he directed. Now I have to go again tonite as penance.

Sorry kambuckta. But I think that a tissue debate is really what this board needs, not nearly enough thought goes into blowing noses methinks :smiley:

Thanks leechabe, I did get home alright, and subsequently back to work today :frowning: and then dicscovered that the tissues aren’t Sandalwood and Frankinsence (as I have led you to believe) no; they’re Sandalwood and ROSE (cause’ it makes all the difference!)

Too bad about you falling asleep, just tell him how good the playet was anyway!

This has turned into the VIC thread now, how 'bout that.

As is only right and proper.

Now for our SDMB domination plans - I say we distract them with scented tissues and then convert the hamsters to AFL. :wink:

More Vic.
I don’t use tissues, they must be a girl thing.
It’s only 26 minutes to lunchtime and I’m trying to find a friend to go to lunch with.
I have done around 6 and half minutes of work since getting here at around 8 this morning.
My post count goes up, but no work.
And I get paid a crap load.
It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.

Scented tissues? Hah!

When I was a lad we had to use toilet paper. or our sleeves. Thay weren’t scented, believe me!

Now, get back to work, or no more taking the Winnebagos home for the weekend!


okay, I’ll take up caught’s survey:

We all know what tissues I use

25mins to lunchtime. I’d go with you, but by the time I got to Taradale I’d have to turn back :smiley:

Hmmm… I have actually done about 20 mins of work intermittently since 8:30 this morning.

Post count is still depressingly slim, paper pile on desk depressingliy high, tettering on the edge of stability.

I wish I got paid a crap load. I just get paid crap

Mmmm. Hamster thighs. Mmmm. In footy shorts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently in the middle the middle of a lunch break (don’t tell my boss he doesn’t approve of breaks).

I snuck upstairs and hid in the boardroom to have lunch which proved a bonus as I discovered that our CCTV works as normal TV. Cool I caught up on some Jerry Springer and a bit of Days of our Lives before I had to make an appearance at my desk again.

Caught@Work and Tigergirl, you slackers I’ve done a whole 3 hours of work today! V. proud of that effort. Makes up for all those other days :smiley:

Something about having your boss, the person who previously held his position and sundry other important sounding folks in the office which inspires work like actions.

Taradale, oh you work out there !
I’m in Melbourne, so no lunch plans there I’m afraid.

Didn’t find any friends for lunch. They all claim to be busy (just like leechbabe so I had an apple and some pineapple juice for lunch.

Days of our Lives … man I hate that program so much. Every other Sunday when I go over to the outlaws for dinner, all the SO and MIL talk about is DooL. I can’t believe that they know it’s not real and yet get sooooooo hooked into what’s happening.

Why don’t I work? Well some days are better than others. This particular day is not one of the good ones. I work in IT and right now I’m in our vendors building, but on a different floor to most people, my boss(es) are uptown while I’m down St. Kilda Rd. The vendors are doing things and I’m supposed to watch what it is they’re doing to make sure that the things that they do are what they are supposed to do and that they do it right.

Problem is that they’re a bunch of dicks who’ll be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. So right now, they’re not doing anything which kinda makes my function redundant at the mo.

I did join in a meeting at 12:00 and continuted a dozen words or so (not including the jokes), so maybe I can count that as work.

I’m desperately looking through email to find some gem that I haven’t done that will be worth what it is that they pay me and I’m not yet coming up trumps.

Let’s see whether I can get some friends up for coffee at 3:00.

Day off today. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Oh hang on a sec… I have to drive my g/f to work in five minutes’ time (a forty kilometre round trip in Sydney traffic in the rain), then I have to go and pick up the rugrat from preschool -he’ll have just had a nap and be all hyped up. He’ll be hungry too, so I’ll need to make a snack for him. Then I have to clean the smegging kitchen.

I think I’d rather be at work.

You broke the perfect Victorian conga-line Loaded, but as an Aussie, we’ll let you in.
What? It’s raining in Sydney? Again?
It’s perfect in Melbourne, blue skies, no rain, around 22 degrees.

Do you think that the Aussies are the only region awake at this time of night (day) which is why we’re posting like loonies?

Caught@Work coffee sounds good I just wish I could convince my boss that lunch breaks are not the invention of the devil. However if you would like to visit the CIA HQ in North Melbourne I can offer Moccona and dodgy afternoon TV.

TLD thus you reap the reward that you have sown :smiley:

Caught, nope, I don’t work in Taradale. I meant that if I started driving to Melb on my lunch break and then turned around and came back at 12:30 I probably would have made it as FAR as Taradale.

leechbabe, was it the same Springer that I watched? something about Cheating husbands/bf’s and their “Mistresses”! Ya gotta watch it for the morbid curiosity factor.

TLD, :stuck_out_tongue: to you! (for not having to work)