I went on my first date in over 2 years last night

Well, technically, you couldn’t call it a date.

That’s what we decided.

But then Amanda* kept referring to it as a date, but then she explained that she uses “date” whenever she goes out with friends or on an actual date.

Which we decided, this wasn’t.

*Those Dopers who have read any of my threads that talk about Charity no doubt are saying, “Amanda??!! Who the hell is this Amanda woman??!! I thought you liked Charity. What the hell is going on??!!” Indeed, very interesting questions.

Congratulations! I haven’t been on a date in years either. Lucky you, I’m jealous.

I have also been on a dating slump for a while. Congrats.

Didja get lucky? :wink:

Slee :: wishing he had a date::

Did you say “I’ll call you” ?

If you did, it was a date.

Wow, what did you and Amanda end up doing on your date? Thats always the fun part.

[slight hijack]
heh, Witch my “date” in email always writes “talk to you soon” last time he called was three months ago. [/slight hijack]

Congrats on breakin the cycle. I’m up to 6 months of datelessness, and the near future looks pretty bleak as well.

You say it wasn’t a “real date”, but hey, a “sorta date” is better than nothing at all.

Wow, congratulations! I haven’t had a date in 19 years!

Actually, I’ve never had a date in my life… :: slinks off ::

Yes, it is an interestiung question… any answers to it?


Forgive my lack of preview - interesting.

I’m careful to not refer to the occurence as a ‘date’ so they don’t get spooked.

:: waits patiently for the explanation ::

Given the lack of a response, I think we should all start speculating wildly for no reason whatsoever :smiley:

Well, I’m moving soon to Brunswick, ME, so it’s good to hear there are date-able women up there. I’ve been worrying that the pickings are slim up there.

I’m all about wild speculation :smiley:

Match.com search for your zip code, should be some pickings there. Boy, some of those women are weird.

handy, my statement is based on such a search from a couple months ago. There were only a few results. This is compared to almost 20 pages of results for my current location. :frowning:


Why the big space?

*Originally posted by Buck The Diver *

Simple Buck. For the suspense!

Wild speculation, eh.

I know how you Dopers think, you think that Amanda and I spent a grand total of 5 minutes talking and then we couldn’t stand it any more so we tore each others clothes off and had grunting animalistic sex for 5 hours.

AS IF!!!

Seriously, we had discussed the whole thing beforehand and had decided that it wasn’t a date, we were just getting together for a drink, which I owed her after she filled out some reference forms for me.

Plus, she is nealry as cynical and sarcastic as I am and we both agreed that if we ever did get into a relationship it would be really horrible because we would get into the most spectacular fights.

Anyway, we were going to meet at a bar/restaurant in Portland called RaRas which has an Irish theme:rolleyes: (More on the rolleyes later.)

So I drove down and parked and then spent about 20 minutes walking around before I found the place (due to road construction, the word DETOUR has become my least favorite term) and I walked in, and THERE SHE WAS, sitting at the bar. I sat down, ordered my first Gin 'N Tonic in over 3 years!! and we talked about stuff. A lot of different stuff. I told her about what happened with my mom, which made me semi-tear up, and about other stuff, some work related, but most of it not.
I have to say that as I was driving down to Portland I was worried that there would be a lot of awkward silences that evening. Happily this turned out not to be the case.

After about 90 minutes in the bar we went upstairs to the restaurant where i had the 2nd worst bowl of clam chowder EVER and we talked a bout more stuff. there was laughter, more laughter and there were NO awkwared silences.

We finished and went back downstairs where we were assaulted by a truly horrible band playing or attempting to play something that they apparently thought was Irish music. Sounded more like cats f***ing to me. I said to Amanda, “I’d pay them a lot of money NOT to play.”

Then I walked her to her car and she drove me over to the garage where my car was parked and we sat in her car and talked about some more stuff.

Such as the fact that apparently every single person in the multi pack department thinks that Charity and I are having a mad passionate romance.

Which is not true in any way, shape or form.

Do I wish it was true?

Honestly, no, given what I know of both her and my current situations.

Would I like to be dating Charity?


However, Charity has had some medical problems which have apparently gotten worse in the last few weeks, resulting in repeated visits to the ER and she hasn’t been at work for more then one day in the last week and the day that she was at work went pretty horribly for her.

She said she wasn’t feeling well, and that she was feeling dizzy and nauseius, and then at lunch she was sitting at the table not trying to cry, but she couldn’t do it.

I put my hand on her back and was just rubbing her back and saying it was okay in a soft voice, at the same time staring daggers at the Gossip Bitches who were sitting at a table across the room watching the whole thing.

I felt bad because there isn;t anything that I can really do.

Anyway, I’ve gotta be at work at 5:00 AM tomorrow, so I’m gonna wrap this up.

Chique: I’m about 1/2 through an email to you, hopefully you’ll get it in a day or two. Thank you for the supportive and kind words. And congrats on the Teemings article!!:smiley: :smiley:

Buck the Diver, Just wasting valuable bandwidth and making the hamsters work harder.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

WSLer, why the big spaces?