I will do no such thing!

This evening, while I was off on a walk in pursuit of dinner, I saw it. A billboard exhorting me and my fellow Louisiana residents to vote in favor of the SSM ban. Complete with a large graphic of a male symbol hooked to a female symbol.

Like I said, I will do no such thing. My vote on September 18 will be no.

Darn billboard ruined my appetite.

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Who sponsored the billboard?

I couldn’t quite see it, but I can go back and look at it in daylight.

Sadly, considering where you live, I expect you to be in the minority. Such displays are one of the many reasons I no longer live in the South. While bigots live everywhere, they don’t seem to be accepted quite as readily here in the PNW.

I was a wuss at work today and didn’t mention the newspaper article about the ban. I just didn’t feel up to arguing about it just then. I know that was cowardly of me, but I was outnumbered at that moment. It’s times like that that I’m not proud of myself.

Og I am such a geek.

The first thing I thought about when reading the OP was SSM = Source-Specific Multicast and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to ban it, or why they would use a male/female symbol. :smack:

::: hangs her head in shame :::

Here in the Charlotte area of NC, there are a SLEW of bumper stickers like this:

Male symbol + female symbol = marriage.

Yeah, whatever. And they’re EVERYWHERE.

Not even if you try to sing

Or ply me with a diamond ring

I will not do this banning thing
If they had added a burning goat

And put him a little boat

And on the lake put him afloat

They still would not get my yes vote

The 100 club puts out bumper stickers with a male and female figure rather than symbols for that same thing. I got really angry one day while driving with my FIL (Very strong but not-quite-Fundie). He said that people are entitled to express their opinions, which I agree with. I think what bothered me SO MUCH was that I wanted to express my opinion all over the guy driving the car with the sticker.

I sure hope the male and female symbols are of the same color and the same religious background, and they’re both able to conceive! Anything else would be just wrong.

Well, the little bathroom-shape-man was white, and the little bathroom-shape-woman was white, and they were on a blue background. So I’m thinking that they were both the same colour and background, at least.

One argument I am certain my in-laws will never use is the conception one, as they adopted two children.

Get a bottle of white-out, and paint a skirt on the little man.

If you think you’re upset now, just wait till the damned thing passes, like it did here in Missouri. Only 28% of us voted against it. I knew it was going to pass, but I still find it hard to believe it passed with such a huge majority. Up until then, I had thought that living in the home state of John Ashcroft and Rush Limbaugh was as bad as things could possibly get.

NoClueBoy, I think I love you.

Julius Henry, I’m not looking forward to that at all. I know it will pass, too. All my friends are voting against it, but we are part of a tiny minority. Maybe people will be confused and think a no vote means they want to ban SSM.

yeah, I know what wimmins wants, burning livestock!

That’s how the issue was phrased here in Missouri as well. It didn’t help.