I wish I was GAY

It’s not necessarily insulting to call someone what he is. And he IS a mysogynist, if he’s truthful in his OP. He is what he is. If he’s not ashamed of it, how could he feel insulted?

Oh. I forgot the obvious. Hookers. Go get yerself a floozy and have at it. It will be cheaper than taking someone to dinner, and believe me…she won’t want any idle chit-chat any more than you do. Perfect answer.

Everybody be nice to Argent here in MPSIMS. I’ve started a Pit thread especially for him.

Yeah, I can see how it can be read that way, and it’s not unbelievable that you’re right. My interpretation lines up okay with this:

But this is harder for me to defend:

I’m gonna withhold judgemnt until he comes back and explains what’s up. I’d prefer if my initial reading is true.

[sub]Plus, if I manage to convert him, I’m that much closer to my toaster! I’m so sick of having casual sex with my friends just so I can get a decent breakfast afterwards.[/sub]

Kalhoun, I don’t actually care what Argent thinks of me, I was being nice because I like this place too much to be banned because I chewed him out in the wrong forum. Ya get me?

FTR, I’m gay and don’t feel the least bit insulted or stereotyped by the OP. Is it a stereotype if it’s true? Nobody with the right number of chromosomes (is that a stereotype? :wink: ) would truly think that ALL members of a group are exactly the same. However, there is a sizeable segment of the gay population who have very cavalier attitudes about sex. For gay men who are so inclined, getting laid really is as easy as walking up to a stranger and saying, “Hey, wanna fuck?”

I can’t address the mysogeny allegation, but in the OP’s defense with regard to gays, he said:

(Bolding mine).

Hey, that’s true of all the gay men I know, and it’s a good bet I know a lot more than he does.

Isn’t it a toasteroven? You boys need a better union! :smiley:

Am I the only one who thinks the OP would make a great musical?

Let’s see… I’m a guy… most of my best friends have been women… I feel comfortable in convesations with women… I’ve had more than my share of casual sex…


I must be GAY!!!

Seriously, if you go into it feeling like that it’s no wonder you can’t get laid. Most people prefer being with someone who doesn’t see them as a sexual orifice that just happens to have a person attached. I doubt you would would get laid even if you were gay… for the same reason.

*What’s with all these games
Enshrouding mating?
Why don’t men and women
Just like the same things?
I’m young and I’m horny,
but that’s not enough…
I need real connection,
And that part is tough!

I wish I was gay!
I wish I was gay!
Why won’t all these women
Just keep well away?
My guy-friends are more transparent than this,
But they’re not the people that I’d like to kiss!

Now I don’t mean to paint
All the girls with one brush,
But they seem so alien,
And I’m in a rush.
Maybe the girls that I know aren’t my type,
Or girls just don’t line up with their hype!

I wish I was gay!
I wish I was gay!
Life would be ever
Much better that way!
I’ve nothing in common with girls, that I see…
I wish I could wish guys would make out with me!*

… you mean like that?

Anybody wanna start a “coming out” pool? I got June 2007.

This reminds me of a joke.


Q: What’s that useless piece of skin around the vagina called?

A: The woman.

Disclaimer: I don’t feel that way, I’m just repeating a joke that parallels this discussion.

'Splain, please? Do you refer to the fact that prostitution is legal in the state, or something else?

Belt-tightening, I guess. With so many gays coming out these days, we just can’t afford the frills anymore. Thirty years ago all the gays were drag queens in scarlet sequined gowns… these days I can barely afford trousers. I’m surprised they haven’t removed the appliance incentive altogether.

That’s actually the real reason behind the push for gay marriages: the wedding registry. :smiley:

Yeah, I got ya. I, however, couldn’t resist. :wink:

Re: “I wish I was GAY: The Musical”

Not bad!!! I’ll be humming the tune to myself for the rest of the afternoon …

Dear sir:

We are in receipt of your application to Gay Agenda International. Unfortunately, there are no openings currently available.

Thank you for considering Gay Agenda International for your personal needs.

Yrs. ever,

Canadian Intake and Liaison Office
Gay Agenda International

As a Gay guy, I find it odd that you claim you can’t talk to women the same as you can with men.

Hell, every Gay guy I know has LOTS of straight female friends, and trust me, we talk and talk and talk and talk.

Sounds to me like you might indeed have some other issues with being around women, but that is just speculation on my part and not meant to be a slur against you personally.

I do understand your OP - and although instant hook-ups between Gay guys is not a given, I will admit it is probably easier to score on a first date/meeting between two Gay guys than between first date/meetings with hetero couples.

Just my experience and not meant to be based on any scientific study.

What about the Bisexual Division? Isn’t that the department we usually connect the confused ones to?

So… you like showtunes? How do you feel about toast? :wink: