I would like to see a pit debate between....

Kirkland1244 and everybody’s favorite son Sweet Willy,

if only we could find something for them to disagree about…


To read up on the players in this hypothetical, as yet, debate


and here

Sweet Willy

To their credit(?) each has helped produce impressive thread lengths of late, with prodigous use of the native debating talent inherent in both of the possible contestants.

Even Doc Cathode has been impressed.
So what about it you two? think we can find a topic you disagree on and have a nice civilized debate?

I volunteer to keep tally of individual posters weighing in for either side, and as a bonus we can vote on the best rebuttal offered by either side as well.

Anybody else have any ideas for score keeping?
other than the obvious ceding of points made, or the out and out quitting of a side.

How about debate points?


Neither parties are official Pit-dwellers yet. Come to think of it neither are you. There is an initiation process.


Dammit, no wonder I haven’t been flamed yet!! I wanna be initiated! What do I have to do? Run nekkid through the Forums? Post something absolutely stupid and inane? Sacrifice my first-born? What? What?

I feel so left out…

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

There. I think that was round one of the initiation process…or does it change depending on the length of a person’s username?

I wonder if he’ll stick around for round three: The Goats.
heh, heh.

Well if kirkland would wish to join in debate, I certainly would debate with him. Not under the pretense of debate for debates sake though. You guys go ahead and get the scoring system in place, if Kirkland and I ever butt heads you can be on stand by to entertain yourselves.

You’ll never get there like that. Think Israel. Worked for me.

See…pit-dwellers know. Iampunha got the ball rolling. If you have to ask for a pit thread to be started on your behalf then you should really hang your head in shame. Go forth my brother and it will be given to those that deserve.

Begins with a petition to the Might Lynn Bodoni.

She does accept chocolate. . . … . .

only good chocolate

I wouldn’t.

between… two nude oiled female figure skaters from the 1994 Olympics or later.

Actually, any kind of conflict between them would be entertaining. Far more so than squabbling betwwen kirkland and willy, which would involve a lot of wasted time while they passed the brain cell back and forth.

All right, Bryan, I don’t know who you’ve sold your soul to, but every single post I’ve read by you in the past few days has made me laugh out loud. Cut it out. :smiley:

I’d like to see a pit thread standoff between Manda JO and Scotticher.

I think it would be like watching Chip -n- Dale.

“No, YOU go first, go ahead, be my guest, insult me first.”

“No no no, I couldn’t possibly, YOU go first. Honestly”

“Oh no, after you!”

We’d all share a pot of chamomile tea as we knit socks for the poor while we’re watching them lay into each other.

The sad thing is that, no matter how much time I spend in The Pit, I’m not a real Pit Dweller, either. Yeah, I’ve been lightly toasted. I’ve lightly toasted others. I even offended some Canadian enough for him to start a thread about me, but it’s just not enough. I don’t know whether it is an unfortunate ability to see others’ points of view, an awkwardness with the language, or that I lack an instinct for the jugular. I’ll just slink back to MPSIMS. :frowning:

Try not to act like that’s so shocking. We Canadians aren’t all maple syrup and politeness, you know.

You… uhm… dumbass!

I’ve tried a couple times to get someone riled enough to flame me, but no matter what I say about mettallica, or our present president, Mr. Bush, no one seems to feel I’m worth the time.
cant say as I blame 'em, what?.. 60some odd posts in a year and half? how could I have pissed anyone off enough?
(other than following the examples of my theoretical contenders in this thread)

besides if I’m gonna get flamed, I want Scylla to do it.
(not that there arent plenty of other excellent flamers about)

I just thought it’d interesting to watch two posters with such
similar styles of debate(?) go at it head to head.
I do agree that the nude skater oil wrestling would be cool though.

A pit debate is a really shitty, fucked up idea.

I come (rarely) to the Pits to howl at the moon. I don’t want a fucking debate. If I did, I would post elsewhere.

I myself would NEVER challenging the ideas in someone else’s pit thread, no matter how oxmoronic non-starter ideas it has ever been my displeasure to gag over.

huh? I can’t quite make this out.

Toaster52- Be wary of the pit. Oh yes indeed. I read the pit as much as any other forum, because it is often the most entertaining. The danger comes when I decide to post. Not that big a deal if I’m just jumping in a thread that already has momentum, but if I start a new one…

Know this sir, pit threads do not die quick like MPSIMS threads, oh no. The pitizens certainly do not play nice like the MPSIMS folk either. Every time I post an OP in here I get ripped to shreds and then the shreds are set on fire and a firehose is turned on the shred-ashes and the shred-ash-mud is spread on the tongue of a mischevious demon as he felches one of the resident goats. ::shudder::

Just be careful.


{quote] I myself would NEVER challenging the ideas in someone else’s pit thread, no matter how oxmoronic non-starter ideas it has ever been my displeasure to gag over.


I find this really interesting, because some of the best debates I’ve ever seen or been involved in have happened here in the Pit.

And **Cranky[/b}, thanks for your nice words–I don’t know about Scotticher., but my own “niceness” is not the result of altruism so much as it is the result of learning that the best way to expose an idiot is not with cunning arguement, but rather just to keep him talking.